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Our team of 100+ experts and educators are here to help you with your TAFE courses and assignments as well as other professional development courses.

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Our subject-matter experts help you draft effective teaching lesson plans. We also have a lot of teaching assignment samples that you can refer to and download.

Early Childhood Education

We have a lot of educators who specialize in childcare and primary education. So, we can cover the popular and advance teaching techniques like Bloom’s Taxonomy and concept maps for your teaching assignments as well.

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We also provide dissertation writing services to our clients. This involves thesis editing, academic proofreading, and writing essays and reports from scratch.

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Common Queries

How to ensure excellent grades in teacher training courses?

Often students come to do a master’s degree in education after pursuing a bachelor’s degree in some other disciplines. And students tend to take these courses lightly as the common misconception is that PGCE or master’s degree in education is not really tough. The reality, however, is the dead opposite, where a student in these courses faces the overwhelming pressure of multiple assignments, practice teaching sessions, curriculum development exercises, etc. that you have to literary survive your PGCE. So we thought of putting together a few points that might smoothen your journey.
1. The assignments are going to be really lengthier than assignments generally undertaken in a science major or business bachelor’s. So, first thing is that you should not get intimidated by these assignments and take one at a time.
2. Mostly, assignments in education-related courses are directed towards giving you some kind of skill or experience that will make you a better teacher. So, instead of getting bogged down with the assignments, try to explore the educative value of the assignment and that will make your life a lot easier.
3. Assignment standards in these courses are very strict and you should always try your best to adhere to that. Like, if you are developing a curriculum for middle school as part of an assignment, then all your creativity and innovation should be directed keeping in mind the mental abilities and the requirement of a middle school kid.

How does the Overview of courses in Education and Teacher Training look like?

Generally, a typical bachelor degree in teacher training or education discipline is of 4 years. As it is a specialized field of study, whenever you begin a course you need to choose your specialization. Mostly available specializations for a bachelor in education degree are early years education, primary education, secondary education, special education, and physical and health education. All the subjects of these courses are commonly divided under four themes: education studies, curriculum studies, discipline studies, and professional studies. A few of the courses that are covered in these bachelor degrees are: learning and education inquiry, English and literacy learning, contemporary child development techniques and practices, education for environment & sustainability, indigenous perspective of teaching and learning.
Similar to the bachelor degree, in a master degree as well, one is expected to choose the specialization from the very beginning. Courses that you will be going through if you happen to pursue a master of teaching in early years and primary education are: learning at the heart of teaching, literacy and English education in the primary years, lenses on child development, play and pedagogy, teacher as professional leader, etc. If you are fascinated about the scope and potential of e-learning platform and want to make your career there, then you can contemplate about pursuing a graduate certificate in e-learning. These courses are mostly offered online and thus, you can work part time while taking these courses.

How to write a teacher’s assignment homework?

We follow a very orderly approach in writing about homework management. Our experts first brainstorm about the topic with the client and understand their requirements. Then, we use our academic caliber to research about teaching theories and concepts to apply in the assignment order. The best homework practices are also discussed and cited for your reference

What are some of the best homework checking procedures for teachers?

Do teachers assign too much homework? How to best manage the students and ensure everyone understands the syllabus? Well, these are some of the questions that teaching theories cover. Our team of experts help teachers write the best homework strategies for teachers.
We also assist professionals with checking homework procedures used in the teaching sector. This simplifies the homework checking procedure.

How is studying Teacher training in Australia like?

Department of Education and training, Australian Government feels that teacher quality is the single strongest influence on student engagement and accomplishment, and that improving teacher efficiency is the best technique of improving student performance. Teacher preparation and the early years of teaching experience are critical in developing effective teachers. In the 1960s, the predominant belief was that schools and teachers are only subsidiary to a child’s growth, and the most influential factors are socioeconomic conditions, family circumstances, and inherent ability. However, research has shown that this is not at all true. Thus, with the encouragement from the Government’s end, most of the leading universities are offering specialized courses in teacher training. We have an impeccable track record of helping students from all of these top universities in teacher training courses. So our experts are completely familiar with all the course requirements and how to write the assignments to fetch maximum possible grade.
1. Bachelor of Education (primary), graduate certificate in e-learning, Master of Education (Secondary), University of New England.
2. Master Education, Master of Teaching, Monash University.
3. Master of Teaching with specialization in early childhood, and primary, The University of Western Australia.
4. Graduate diploma in teaching, Master of Education, La Trobe University.
5. Doctor of Education, Master of Education, The University of Sydney.

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We can take nearly most of the topics asked to us by our clients. However, in case there is a certain topic that we do not have an expert for, we won’t take work. This has hardly ever happened, as we have experts from nearly all spectrums in the market.

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