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Real Estate and construction

We have over 100+ professionals on board to help with the top professional development certifications in real estate. We cover assignments for CPP, CPV, CDP, CCPM, CFM and CfacM courses.

Information Technology

Our IT professionals and developers provide in-depth assistance in IT professional certifications like CDP (certified data professional), CISSP, CCIE, CCNA, CCNP, CISA and CompTIAA+

Nursing and Midwifery

Our nursing professionals help RNs and nursing interns clear their CPD nursing certifications. We cover Alcohol and drug treatment, patient care management, midwifery courses, infection prevention, and mental health-related courses.

Childcare and education

Our team at Expert Assignment Help consists of professional educators, child psychologists, and childcare experts who guide you through CDA certification, TAFE course assignments, and more.

Professional development assignments

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Professional assistance

  • CPD and TAFE courses covered
  • Industry-specific training programs
  • Job sectors including IT, nursing, real-estate, marketing
  • Professionals in each field

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Assignment help

How to develop a professional development plan?

Identify your career goals

The first step to personal and professional learning is to identify your career goals. Figure out what you want and we’ll help you achieve it. We cater to over 30 industries, ranging from nursing and midwifery to real estate, construction and more.

Assess your current position

The next step is to evaluate and upgrade your current skillset. Sign up for a professional course online at the Australian Institute of Training and Development or any other platform. Our experts have well-written and detailed personal development plans and assignments for Australian professionals at affordable rates. We cover all the major industries including nursing, education, IT assignments and, law.

Enrol in a professional course

Apply for a professional development in your industry. We take care of all your assignment submissions and projects. Our experts offer help with research projects, reports and case studies.

Create a career timeline

Identify the skills you’ll need to achieve your career goals. All the major job sectors have a lot of demand for candidates with professional certification. For those in existing jobs, a CPD course (be it short-term courses or an informal CPD that involves an in-house training program) is mandatory to apply for a promotion.

Gather industry insights

Professional development is an ongoing process. And especially dynamic fields like Marketing require professionals to always be on their toes. Lucky for you, we provide updates and solutions on how the candidate can improve their personal and professional development process. Browse through the personal development assignment examples to understand the topics we cover.

Effective execution

Finally, we see to it that the client has value-adding actionable solutions to fulfilling their professional development goals. We also follow-up with our clients and offer free rework/revisions on assignments.

Why choose us?

24*7 support by experts

We have over 100 subject matter experts on board with us to draft and revise your assignments on various professional and personal development plans.  You can reach out to us 24*7 over email, WhatsApp or the live chat feature.

Free templates and samples

We also offer a lot of free sample assignments that you can download and use. Check out our professional development plan examples in childcare that cater to nursing professionals. We also have a bunch of continuing professional development samples for professionals who want insight into our research and writing.

Professional assistance

We have a team of the best subject matter experts or SMEs on our team. These professionals come from various industries and can provide technical expertise on a variety of courses. We cover everything from real estate to childcare, education and even nursing sectors. . You can expect instant help to manage personal work priorities and professional development assignment answers.

Mid-review policy

As per our mid-review policy, you need to pay upfront for only half of the total quote amount. We send in a half-completed professional development assignment to you for your review. You can then review it and send us your feedback on the same. Only if you are happy, you can make the due payment and we will share the full document with you for your perusal. Please note we also do offer free rework after the final solution is delivered so that we can deliver our best to the specific requirements of the professional development assignment.


What do our clients say?

Alex, US

“The report writing was very clear and concise and the material was backed by relevant examples. It was within a deadline, but they did not disappoint me.”

Brittany, Australia

“I thank the learned team of Experts at Expert Assignment Help for my remarkable grades. I tried my best to find time for proofreading, but it was never possible. They did by thesis proofreading and editing and helped me prepare it diligently. I would certainly recommend them to every student struggling with deadlines.”

Julian, Australia

“This is my second time working with the Expert Assignment Help team and they haven’t disappointed me. They have low prices and deliver assignments on time. What I admire most is the value addition their industry experts provide to all their work.”


Have a question? Ask away!

What are the common professional development courses I can opt for?

Professional development courses improve your chances of promotion in the organization. And especially in Australia, the CPD courses are mandatory if you want to upgrade your job designation. At Expert Assignment Help, we cover a wide range of personal and professional development assignment help for people. Here, our SMEs draft your essays and papers from scratch, complete with annotations, citations, and quality research.  We also cater to TAFE course assignments for the following certifications and sectors:

Real estate and construction
Nursing and midwifery
Information technology and computer skills
Creative arts courses
Business management courses
Childhood education and childcare courses.

Most of these courses are short-term and come offer diploma degrees to the candidate. Our SME’s guide the candidate with their personal development portfolio designs, ensuring that it meets industry standards.

How can I place my order?

All you have to do is fill out an order placement form, send us an assignment brief and submit it to us. We review your assignment order and calculate the price depending on the deadline and difficult level. If you agree with the price quote, we can take it forward. All payments are done via PayPal.

How do the assignment experts approach a professional development assignment order?

Our experts come from all walks of life, bringing with them their subject expertise and industry experience. Here is our approach to writing your professional development plan assignment

Assess your requirements
Research on the topic
Add industry insights to your paper
Draft the assignment
Send a half-done assignment for review
Make the necessary changes in the assignment
Add the necessary citations and annotations
Run the assignment on Grammarly for plagiarism and quality check
Proofread the assignment manually
Send the assignment over email/WhatsApp
The client can complete the payment via PayPal

We also offer help for diploma courses, short-term certifications, continuous professional development courses, and more. Our SME’s get a lot of orders from nursing professionals and midwives looking to expand their industry-based knowledge.

How does a professional development plan improve my career prospects?

With a professional development plan, the candidate can upgrade their skillset and expand their career potential. A degree or certification also adds on to your resume. At Expert Assignment Help, we help you manage personal work priorities and professional development assignments.
We also offer career counselling and live sessions to candidates for better transparency and effective communication.

Can I request for rework or edits on my assignment?

Of course, we have a team of subject matter experts who are happy to create custom-made assignments for you from scratch. Our mid-review policy ensures less rework and hassles for everyone. Here, we send a half-done assignment to the client for review and then incorporate their feedback.

What is the refund policy?

At Expert Assignment Help, we don’t usually encourage assignment cancellations. This is because our SMEs have already invested a lot of time and resources to prepare your essay. We do have a Dispute Resolution team in place where you can send in your complaints. Our team reviews the assignment and if we’re at fault, we refund the amount over PayPal.

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