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Inventory control

Inventory control is all about keeping track of the goods in an organisation. Our experts help students understand the basic concepts of the operations planning course

Inventory management

Inventory management deals with monitoring the supply and demand of goods in the company. Our certified strategic operation management professionals help draft detailed assignments

Distribution strategy

Distribution strategy controls the supply side of things in the market. Here, students learn about the factors that define pricing trends and demands in the industry

Logistics planning

Logistics planning, again is a very technical aspect of the operation management coursework that our experts guide you through. You can check out the operation planning course samples for more details.

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Top Operations planning courses

Business operations and logistics

Business operations and logistics deals with market research and ways to expand the supply of goods and services. Here the student learns about analytical tools and business theories

Project management

Project management is another important aspect where students learn all about managing the different tasks in an organisation. You can check out the operation management assignment on Mcdonalds’ for more insights

Compliance management

Compliance management is checking if all the elements and employees involved in the business operations are working well. You can check out the fast food operation management PDF sample for more details on the same

Supply chain management

We have a team of certified supply chain management experts who have ample experience of working with corporate houses. They give you an in-depth idea about the process of product distribution and supply in the market.

Enterprise resource planning

Enterprise recourse planning is all about keeping track of the company’s resources and allocating them optimally. This is a more practical field of study that gives students hands-on experience of the market

Purchasing and materials management

The purchasing management assignment is all about keeping a record of the raw materials and means of production used in the company. We help students draft these accounts and apply relevant management theories for the same.

Common queries answered

What are the top courses I can pursue in Operations management?

In Australia, our clients have undertaken Operations Management courses from the following Universities, and we have been helping numerous students of Supply Chain Management from a few more Australian Universities since 2012.
1. MBA majoring in Operations management, CQUniversity, Australia.
2. Graduate certificate in engineering in OM, master in engineering in OM, University of Technology, Sydney.
3. MBA in OM, MBA in Logistics and supply chain management, Western Sydney University.
4. MCom in supply chain and OM by research, PhD in supply chain and OM, Deakin University.
5. MCom with specialization in operations management, Charles Sturt University.

What are the best topics in operations management you’ve covered?

We have some sample assignments and case studies on SCM and operations management. Students can check out these samples below
1. operation management assignment on mcdonald’s,
2. fast food operation management pdf,
3. mcdonalds operations strategy,
4. management report assignment,
other than that we also get a lot of orders from APICS course topics that we cover as part of our operational management assignment help.

What is the in operations planning course all about?

Like all other management degrees operation management courses are also professional ones, thus the focus of most of these courses is solely on to develop skilled operation managers who are completely industry ready. As being a professional course, the course material for most of specialized operation management programs are very dynamic and one has to keep track with the new research & developments and has to learn from case-studies. Even while writing any assignment, you should be referring to several case-studies, articles to showcase your evaluation of those.
If a student is not looking for a professional degree in Operation Management and is interested in doing some path breaking research in the field, then is recommended by our experts, for the student to pursue postgraduate courses under a niche area in SCM, and then apply for a research position or PhD to work on the chosen field of study under Operations Management. Many of our experts are presently research fellows in reputed universities and they can help you with your research proposal within a realistic deadline.

What is the difference between supply chain management and operation management

Another similar specialization in operations management, offered in some B-schools is Logistics & Supply Chain Management. Although, operation management and supply chain management are used interchangeably, these two fields have distinct differences. Due to close association of these unit courses, the assignments also revolve around these topics which test the understanding of the student in multiple aspects of Operations Management. Our assignment experts do understand these cross unit assignments and have years of experience in delivering according to the marking rubric shared by the professor. In MBA course with a major in Supply Chain Management, one can mostly find courses such as Global Supply Chain Management, Quality Management, Warehouse Management, Supply Chain Strategy, Transportation Management, and Logistics Management. Hence, interlinked assessments are expected in such cases. These logistics assignments are prepared by our experts, who have thorough understanding of both the subjects involved in the assessment.

How qualified are the expert assignment writers?

Each assignment tutor we have on board has years of experience working with some of the top brands of the market. They have both the technical expertise and practical understanding of how things work within the organisation. Plus, we also have some certified strategic operation management professionals on our team to handle extensive research-oriented papers.


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