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Our team consists of 100 tutors, professors, software experts and IT professionals to complete the major projects in electronics and communication.

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All the mini electronic projects and assignments contain well-research sources, stats, and diagrams. We also cover the latest technical seminar topics for ECE 2020 to further add value to your paper.

Top quality references

Each assignment order contains some top-quality references and citations relevant to your topic. Our experts offer in-text referencing in APA, Harvard, and Chicago styles as well.

Academic credibility

We guarantee that all your assignment submissions would be 100% original and plagiarism-free. You can check the free Grammarly report with every order as well!

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  • Send half-done assignment for review
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  • Over 1000 projects in Electronics
  • Detailed embedded system examples
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Engineering topics/areas we cover

Electrical Engineering

This section deals with projects on electrical circuits, power transmissions, machines and more. A few common topics covered here are- Electromagnetism, Power Engineering, Telecommunication, Physical laws, Electric Vehicles, Control Engineering

Biomedical Engineering

This section outlines the various developments in the field of biochemistry and medicine. These assignments would involve a great deal of in-depth studies and stat-based reports. We include Bio-Mechatronics, Medical Imaging, Neural Engineering, Bionics, Rehabilitation engineering, Bioinstrumentation, and many more topics.

Mechatronics Engineering

This is a holistic engineering field that deals with the four main engineering branches- mechanical, computing control and electronics. Systems & Control Engineering, Robotics, Mechanical Engineering, Computing Science, opt mechanics are some topics we cover.

Civil and construction Engineering

This section focuses mainly on the construction and maintenance of canals, roadways, and buildings. Some of the topics covered here are- Environmental Engineering, Earth Science, Structural Engineering, Materials and Soil Engineering.

Mechanical Engineering

This section discusses the design and development of machines, industrial grade equipment and more. Mechanics, Structural Analysis, Kinematics, Mechatronics, Kinematics, Nanotechnology etc. are some key topics we cover.

Process Systems Engineering

We cover other branches related to or including electronics engineering. Computer and IT, engineering management, processing etc, are some section we cover. You can find a host of major projects in electronics and communication for better insights into your assignment.

Common queries about IT assignment help

How do I place an assignment order?

We follow a simple 3-step order placement process. All you need to do is submit the order form, send us your assignment requirements. We review your request and the set a price quote based on the difficulty level and deadline.
If you agree with the price, we appoint an expert to complete your assignment. The assignment is delivered via email or WhatsApp.

What are the most common electronic assignment topics that you cover?

We cover a wide range of topics pertaining to electrical engineering and other fields. Here, students can find assistance on NPTEL digital circuits assignment solutions, electrical projects, and even practical studies.
We also cover other fields of engineering like civil projects, biochemical assignments and more.

How can I improve my electronic assignment?

Structuring an electronics assignment is no child’s play. Lucky for you, we have a team of experts to help you with the process. We help students understand the assignment topic and come up with creative and credible ways to solve it.
1. We help students pick important topics.
2. Ask pertinent digital electronics assignment questions
3. We also help you with formatting the assignment as per your university guidelines
4. Our experts can follow all referencing styles- ALA, MLA, and Harvard.
5. Includes stats, relevant studies, and reports to solidify your research

What is the mid-review policy?

As per the mid-review policy, we send half-completed assignments to the client. You can then review the assignment yourself or get a professor to check it. The client then comes back to us with feedback and suggestions. We incorporate the said changes in your assignment. This reduces the risk of delays.

Can I check some samples or electronic assignment samples?

Of course, we have an extensive archive of electronic projects for beginners and embedded system samples that you can follow. These examples give you an idea about our in-depth research and academic credibility


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Frequently Asked Questions

How can I pay for my assignment?

PayPal is our payment partner, and we prefer if you pay via this gateway. Be rest assured that all your transactions are 100% safe and encrypted. We don’t save your personal details or bank information as per our company policies.

Are all your assignment orders credible?

Of course, all our assignment order submissions are 100% original, well-researched and plagiarism free. We even attach a Turnitin report with each order. Also, each order is run through grammar checking platforms and then manually proofread by our review team.

How do you review and assure the quality of each order submission?

We accept assignment orders of all kinds from elaborate research papers to mini electronic projects- our experts can do it all. We have a special mid-review policy to check the quality of the assignment, the client can check their order and give us their feedback on the same.

Can I request for a local expert or send a special document to cite in the assignment?

Yes, we have a team of local and global subject matter experts that you can pick from. We do adhere to special requests from clients if they want a regional expert for their mini electronic projects.

Do you offer rework or revisions on the assignment submissions?

Yes, our experts can accommodate all your rework and revision requests for free. Although, note that these edits must adhere to the original assignment brief given earlier. Also, we have a Dispute resolution team to analyse the refund requests.

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