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Business management

Business management is a blanket term that deals with market research and other processes used to setup and sustain a company. Students learn about the technical and practical principles of marketing

Marketing management

Marketing management is all about reading the customer base and building relevant strategies that would improve profit margin. Our marketing assignments for MBA students cover case studies, stat reports, and surveys.

Human resource management

Human resource management is all about monitoring the employees in the organisation. Recruitment principles, employee satisfaction, job allocation are all part of this section.

Financial management

Financial management is an integral aspect that deals with the money and capital investment of the company. We have finance experts, marketing analysts and economists on board to help students.

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Qualitative research inputs

Qualitative research inputs outline the basic research methodology and theories used to draft the MBA assignment samples. We cite relevant and reliable academic papers, journals, and sources.

Empirical approach

Empirical approach takes on quantitative research strategies. Here, our experts include stat-based reports, survey analysis, case studies etc. for finance and operations

Detailed data interpretation

Data interpretation is a necessary part of management analysis that we cover. Here, we teach students how to read and analyse business data and get detailed insights on them.

Case study analysis

We analyse and solve a lot of business case studies as part of our MBA assignment help online. Our team of assignment writers in Melbourne consists of entrepreneurs, finance experts and marketing gurus

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We only cite quality references in university-approved formatting styles. Our experts are well-versed in MLA, APA, Harvard, Griffith and any other citation style.

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Common queries answered

What are the best marketing assignments for MBA students?

Types of Management Subjects covered by our experts
1. Business Management
2. Human Resource Management
3. Marketing Management
4. Financial Management
5. IT Systems Management
6. Operations Management
7. Logistics & Supply Chain Management
8. Business Plan & Entrepreneurship
We also have a host of MBA assignment samples written that you can browse through for free.

What do I learn in my MBA curriculum?

With MBA, you learn all about running and sustaining a business venture. It teaches students the basic practices like market research, analysis, resource management and more. Here are some of the tasks of a business management expert
1. Establishing Departments and assigning specified and well-defined roles and responsibilities
2. power of taking decisions on a day-to-day basis is delegated to executives
3. coordinating executives to manage human resources
4. giving the right remuneration to employees on the basis of evaluating their performances
5. organizing training and development sessions to empower and motivate executives so that everyone manages to give their 100 percent.
Generally, a management of a company has different teams like- operation, production, human resource, marketing, sales, finance, etc.

What is management?

Management is basically a system of managing limited resources towards a well-defined goal. On a day-to-day basis, management needs to ensure that everything is running smoothly. The main responsibility of managers is that urging and inspiring employees to work towards a common goal without having to do anything that is of an executive. Managers are thus often equated with the conductor or the choirmaster of an orchestra—both are not doing things directly, but ensuring everyone else plays their part in the best possible manner. Although primarily based on theoretical understanding, managers often need or have to transcend their theoretical or bookish understanding to meet real world needs. And for this reason, different managers function quite differently in real life. The overarching umbrella that defines a manager roles and responsibilities included functions like planning, staffing, organizing, leading and controlling.

What are the four main aspects of business management?

1. Planning– Setting up targets and purposes. Devising clear-cut avenues to achieve them and anticipating challenges that may come on the way.
2. Organizing– Assigning roles and responsibilities of executives, ensuring equal distribution of workloads, coordinating actions of executives.
3. Leading– Motivating and inspiring executives to perform up to the mark to be able to attain targets.
4. Controlling– Maintaining quality standards and guaranteeing that everything runs abiding that.
Managers are also the link between executives and upper levels of authority. For this reason, often managers need to be sensitive enough to the demand of the executives as well as should understand the obligations of higher levels.

What are the functions of business management

We have a list of MBA assignment samples on business management, employee recruitment, financial planning, and marketing strategies. Planning can be considered as the backbone of any type of management. As managers are often expected to coordinate among a large number of individuals, setting the right goals and standards and following it throughout, is absolutely instrumental.
Human resource management: recruiting a skilled workforce and allocating the right job to the right candidate
Budget planning: keeping track of the income and expenditure of the company. also maintaining the inventory and company accounts for profit/loss margin calculation.
Marketing campaigns: coming up with creative advertising strategies to boost sales.


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