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Plant biotechnology

Plant biotechnology assignment topics mainly deal with the ways in which plants can be genetically modified. Here, you might have to talk about agricultural practices, hybridisation, and genetic engineering of crops.

Animal biotechnology

Animal biotechnology deals with the ways in which scientists can modify animal DNA for better immunity, strength, or effectiveness. Some of the popular animal biotechnology topics deal with cross-breeding, and laboratory testing.


Microbiology is a branch of biotech that deals primarily with microorganisms. You learn about bacterial growth, virus mutations, medical testing and more here.

Genetic technology

Genetic technology is mostly scientists experimenting on the human DNA and find new cures to ailments. Our experts have ample technical and practical experience in the field to help you with your projects and surveys.

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How to write good biotech paper?

Find your niche

The first step to writing a good biotechnology assignment is to find your niche. Define the intent and purpose of your research. Also, outline your key arguments when you send in your assignment order

Pick the right expert

Based on your assignment requirements, we assign an expert to handle your project. Our experts usually prefer a one-on-one session with the client to understand their expectations. You can request for regional or local tutors/experts on our team as well.

Assignment structuring

he structure of the assignment always follows the university-approved guidelines given by the client. We also include an abstract, a short biotechnology and proper citations towards the end of your assignment

Mid-review policy

The mid-review policy is where we send in a half-done assignment to the client. You can get it checked by your professor and get back to us with feedback. Based on your feedback, we make the necessary revisions for free.

Proofreading and revisions

Before submitting your assignment order, we run your essay through plagiarism checking software and even manually proofread it. Our review team has some of the best biotech experts and writers on board.

Citations and referencing

We follow all the university-approved citation and in-text referencing styles. This would include MLA, APA, Harvard, Griffith and even Chicago styles.

Common queries answered

What are the top courses I can pursue in Biotechnology?

Our team of biotechnology experts have consistently assisted numerous Australian students from top universities to complete their assignments and to obtain their degrees with flying colours. Some of the most prominent universities offer biotechnology courses are:
1. Master of Biotechnology, Queensland University of Technology (QUIT)
2. Master of Biotechnology with specialization in Food science and technology, clinical microbiology, food microbiology, Royal Melbourne 3. Institute of Technology (RMIT)
4. Master of Biotechnology, Deakin University
5. Master of Biotechnology and Bioinformatics, Master of Biotechnology, La Trobe University
6. Master of Biotechnology, Australian National University
7. Master of Biotechnology (Biomedical), University of Adelaide
8. Master of Biotechnology, Macquarie University
9. Master of Biotechnology, The University of Western Australia

What are some of the most common biotechnology topics you’ve covered?

We cover a wide range of plant biotechnology assignment topics as part of our services. This includes genetic engineering, agricultural studies, hybridization, plant-tissue based experiments. Students also order for assignments on ethical testing, modification, and environmental sustainability to make crops safer and more nutrition.
In animal biotechnology assignment topics, we cover the basics of animal testing, DNA modification, crossbreeding practices, organ transplants and more. You can check out our biotechnology examples and sample presentations.
Our experts cover a wide range of case studies, reviews, literature research papers, and dissertations as part of our assignment help.

How can I approach a biotechnology essay?

Here are some useful tips to help students ace their biotech assignments;
1. Start by outlining your key pointers
2. Add a biotechnology introduction to set the tone of the research
3. Build a solid hypothesis
4. Include stats, surveys, and other studies in your paper
5. Cite all your sources properly
6. Have a definitive conclusion and bibliography

What is course overview of the biotechnology curriculum?

Students can pursue an undergrad degree in biotechnology and then move on to get a masters on the same. The bachelors’ degree covers the fundamental aspects of microbiology, plant biotech concepts and an introduction to animal biotechnology practices.
The master’s curriculum is more advanced where you learn about microbiology, biochemistry and molecular biology.

How do Our experts help you improve your biotech assignment?

As Biotechnology is a predominantly laboratory based discipline, so you can expect to write a lot of lab report kind of assignment throughout the course.
Lab reports are generally written in a very well-specified structure, and you should always stick to that for reporting your laboratory findings.
For a successful R & D scientist it is not enough to do inventions at your lab, you should equally master the art of science communication for effectively communicating your research finding for the benefit of the larger human society. Thus, in your master course you can expect lots of assignments focusing on writing an article about a research finding.
For writing an article, you should first organize your thoughts and then divide the content in the stipulated sections: introduction, methods and materials, research finding, discussions, & conclusions. Don’t forget to cite other scholarly articles throughout your article.
A good list of learning blogs have been prepared by our bio-technology assignment help experts for the ready reference of the students.


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