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We have been in business since 2006, delivering top quality solutions every time Our team of 100+ marketing experts have 7+ years experience .

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We cover relevant marketing topics and theories useful for your students. Each year we add the best from the market into our panel.

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Our experts have professional and technical experience in marketing, giving you credible solutions with good quality sources & relevant references.

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All our submissions are 100% plagiarism-free and come with a free Grammarly report. Years of experience ensure we deliver only the best.

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  • 100+ professionals
  • Versatile native and global writers
  • 7+ years of experience
  • Updated about industry standards


  • Marketing professionals
  • 24*7 online and offline support
  • encourage client feedback
  • Encourages Mid-Review policy


  • Backed by sources
  • Includes references
  • mid-review policy
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Our PhD Experts

Our PhD experts come up with excellent marketing class project ideas that incorporate all your requirements.

Our Privacy Policy

We ensure that the privacy of all our clients is maintained throughout the project and after it.

Our Payment Getaways

Making payment for our delivered work is very convenient. We encourage our clients to pay us through secure PayPal options.

Our Cooperative Executives

Our support staff stay available to clear students’ doubts and queries. We also encourage market research activities for students via brainstorming sessions

Our Mid Review Policy

We understand the urgency of clients to review their work in between. This helps to assure the client of the quality of work being delivered.

Our Plagiarism Free Assurance

Our in-house experts proofread your content thoroughly and ensure that your content is free of any form of plagiarism. Each assignment solution of marketing assignment comes along with a free Write Check report (A product of Grammarly report) to check any plagiarism in it.

What we offer

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What topics in Marketing do we cover?

Our panel of experts have worked with over thousands of students over the years. There is hardly any subject that we do not work in. However, here are some of the most frequently attempted subjects we work on.
A brief list of popular marketing topics covered by our experts for our clients
1. Strategic Marketing & Branding Assignment
2. Market & Consumer Research Assignment
3. Advertising Management & Production Assignment
4. Online Advertising & Marketing Project
5. Global Media & Advertising Assignment
6. Service Strategy Report
7. Global Marketing Essay
8. Product Strategy & Development Project
9. Marketing Theory and Research Essay
10. Applied Business Research Essay
11. Marketing B-plans Assignment
12. Integrated marketing communications Report
13. Marketing Research Proposal

What are some tips to take care of while preparing the solution to a Marketing Assignment?

A marketing homework solution should educate and persuade the reader to make the reader feel, it is your advice that they need. The solution should seem convincing and for that one needs to carry out the following:
1. Research
2. Abstract
3. Formal tone with marketing theories and concepts
4. Appropriate detail (Divided into logical paragraphs)
5. Related case studies
6. Clarity
7. Impact
8. Conclusion
Students can also refer to the free marketing assignment templates in the resource kit prepared by our assignment writing experts based on their years of experience in tackling written assessments and projects for students from USA, U.K. & Australia.

What topics or marketing assignments do you cover?

Our panel of experts cover everything from case studies to research papers and surveys. You can even consult us for topic ideation and execution. Some of the top-notch work that we have delivered in the past are;
1. Marketing exercises for students in pdf format
2. Advertising assignments for college students
3. Principles of marketing case study assignment,
4. Case study on principles of marketing,
5. Marketing mix strategy assignment,
6. Marketing mix template,

What are the five Steps to Prepare an A+ Quality Marketing Assignment Solution?

Our experts strongly recommend the students from USA, U.K. & Australia asking for marketing assignment help from us, to follow some important steps while preparing their marketing coursework solution. The “quick 5 steps” to prepare an A+ quality marketing case-study solutions are as described below:
STEP 1: It is very important to carry out a thorough research of the service or product you are discussing in the solution. Take note of the audience you are targeting and the credibility of your projections based on reliable data for your marketing assignment.
STEP 2: Prepare a rough abstract at the beginning, so that the reader can identify the solution as a technology briefing, application guide or a marketing case study. This helps them understand in brief whether this involves business applications, strategy, industry trend overviews or issue analysis.
STEP 3: Use a formal tone in line with marketing theories and their respective marketing jargons discussed in the lectures. But avoid too many acronyms and abbreviations, and keep the solution easy to read and understand.
STEP4: Present the solution you have in mind using easy to understand language. Because it is your idea of the solution, it is important that it is expressed appropriately avoiding long sentences and geek language. Support your solution with peer-reviewed journals or real life marketing case-studies, which talk about the application or discussion of a similar solution been executed in the past.
STEP 5: Invest at least 4-6 hours in reading the solution prepared so far, improving the depth of the solution, thereby making it more convincing for the professor. Once this is done, a brief summary for the assignment should be composed keeping the most important issues in mind.

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Mia, Netherlands

Expert Assignment Help marketing experts are the best. They did a commendable job by structuring my assignment on Relationship Marketing exactly the way I had expected it to be. They had included my inputs within the content and delivered it 2 days before the deadline. Thank you!

Nancy, Australia

I would have been in a complete mess had it not been for the last moment help I got from Expert Assignment Help. I just received my assignment and couldn’t have felt better. I look forward to working with you guys in future.

Kiara, US

I was in a hurry to complete the assignment and yet Expert Assignment Help ensured that my concept was clear. They delivered on time along with their Grammarly report. It’s amazing how such a large team works round the clock with so much coordination.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is my identity confidential with you?

It’s our company policy to not reveal our client’s name and details. This is unless, we are required to do so by law. If you are someone who has used our service correctly, in the very way we have asked you to, you do not have to worry a bit about your privacy being compromised.

Who judges the quality of work that is delivered to me?

We have a very strict quality control team who does that job for us. We understand that there might be chances of our writers missing out on minute mistakes (To err, is human). This is why we run both manual and software based tests on the work that is delivered to you. We also do reworks, if in case it doesn’t match the clients tastes.

What if you don’t deliver my work on or before the deadline?

This is highly unlikely of us to not deliver a project within a decided deadline. If we fail to do so, we will ensure that you get your work for free.

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