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Computer architecture

Computer architecture deals with the basic features of computer science- i.e. hardware, software, and other functionalities. Our experts offer computer science help homework to school kids.

Coding languages

Our experts cover some of the latest research topics in computer science for PhD in 2020. We have professionals, coders on board to help clients with Java, C++, and Python.


Cryptography is a process that discusses the protection measures of IT platforms. Our experts help students with computer science major homework and presentations on software security.

Internet programming

Internet programming outlines the ways in which websites are developed and designed. Students can look up professional computer science homework help on Reddit as well.

Value driven

Computer science project help benefits

In-depth qualitative research

  • Plagiarism-free, Free Grammarly report
  • Follow university-approved referencing styles
  • Wide range of artificial intelligence assignment topics
  • Manual proofreading

Get professional experts

  • Global and local experts
  • Tech tutors for computer science
  • Professional review team
  • Live counselling and mentoring

On-time delivery

  • Work well with urgent deadlines
  • Mid-review policy
  • Deliver before deadlines
  • Money back guarantee

Free rework and revisions

  • Free edits and revisions
  • Free samples and essays
  • Cater to college students and professionals
  • Open to feedback and client input
Why choose us?

Effective Computer science assignments for you!

Strict deadlines

We always stick to the client’s deadlines and sometimes even try to deliver before the deadline.

100% plagiarism free

We attach a free Grammarly report with every assignment order this ensures that your paper is plagiarism-free, detailed, and authentic.

Free rework

Our experts adhere to the client’s requirement and offer free rework and revisions on the assignment order even after submission.

Mid-review policy

Here we send you a half-completed assignment for review. This saves both the client and the expert a lot of time and trouble.

Expertise and experience

Our team have over 10+ years of experience in the industry. We have academics, PhD experts, engineers, coders, technical professionals and more from very prestigious universities.

Privacy protection

We don’t save your personal details or bank info as part of our privacy policy. Also, because you pay through PayPal, the transactions are quick and very secure.

Common queries answered

What are the common computer science assignment project topics you cover?

We cover a lot of concepts as part of the computer science assignment project topics. Our experts help students with case studies, research papers, thesis papers, reviews, and even full-fledged coding platforms. We even assist students with AI presentations, homework help, etc. Check out the other topics below.
1. Cryptography and internet security
2. Computer programming
3. C++, Java, and other OOPS platforms
4. Python coding
5. MBA projects on artificial intelligence
6. Research topics for PhD
7. Database management, SQL platform
8. Software architecture
Currently, we are getting a lot of orders on artificial intelligence assignment topics. Feel free to browse through our samples and examples to get an idea about the academic quality and consistency of our work.

How do you approach a computer assignment order?

We have a team of some of the best programmers, software engineers and professional tutors on board with us. After we receive your order, we assign an expert for the project. The expert discusses the details of the project with the client. This involves a lot of calls and even a live counselling session.
We usually send in a half-done computer assignment that you can review and get checked by your professor. Based on the feedback, we edit your assignment and submit the order on or before the due date. Be rest assured that we cover all the in-text referencing, citations, and annotations of research papers as well.

What are the best courses that I can pursue in Computer science?

There is an array of universities that offer graduate, postgraduate and diploma courses in computer sciences in Australia.
1. Bachelors in Computer Science, University Of Melbourne
2. Bachelor of Computer Science and Technology (honours and advance), University of Sydney
3. Graduate Certificate of Computing, University of New South Wales
4. Master of Computer Science, La Trobe University
5. Master of Computing, RMIT University
6. Diploma in Computer Science, University of Queensland

What is the general course overview of computer science curriculum?

A degree in computer science is basically a 3-year course. You learn about the basics of coding, app development, website design, database management and other details as part of the undergrad syllabus.
The master’s program takes another 2years where students get the opportunity to go in-depth with the concepts learnt in college. You can further choose to pick and area of research and work under a professor for your fellowship program.
The computer science curriculum is a good mix of theoretical and practical concepts. And our experts can help you with both these aspects really well.

How can I improve the quality of my assignment?

Here are some tips that we usually follow.
1. Do not over complicate and go overboard to impress the teachers. Simplicity is of much higher value.
2. Start on time so that it leaves you with ample time to consult your instructor in case you cannot understand the logic or get the codes to work.
3. Always remember to practice flowcharts. They are especially important in the computer science field.
4. Always draw a flowchart whenever you get an assignment as this will be your groundwork.
5. Know your subject well and in case you hit a roadblock, research about the problem.
6. Do no panic as there are plenty of tutorials and help desks available online.
7. You can also go through research papers and journals printed for information purposes.
8. Finally, strictly adhere to the guidelines given for the assignment and always meet the deadlines.
These tips will ensure you get the most out of your assignment and of course get you a good score.


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I am highly impressed by your expertise in making the right amendments. You wrote an impressive introduction and willing took in my inputs too. It was a learning experience for me and it felt like I was working with a helpful friend.


The key to any business is customer satisfaction and these people know it well. I had some last minute modifications that they complied to it without a fuss.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What sets us apart from other assignment help services?

We always meets the deadlines, never compromises on quality, and maintains absolute academic credibility. Plus, we have the best team of software experts, engineers, coders, and tutors with us to draft your assignments.

How can I place an order?

Fill out the order placement form, give us the details about your assignment and if you agree to the price quote, confirm the transaction. You can pay and advance up front and complete the payment once the assignment is delivered. We even attach free Turnitin report with each order!

When and how do I get my assignment order?

We usually complete the assignment on or before the deadline specified by the client. And your assignment is sent in PDF format via email or WhatsApp, whichever is convenient.

Can I request for rework or revisions?

Of course, our experts are open to feedback and more than willing to include the client’s input. Customer satisfaction is our utmost priority and we do everything to ensure that your assignment turns out exactly how you want it. And all the rework is done for free, provided it adheres to the assignment draft you submitted earlier.

What is the refund policy at our assignment orders?

We don’t usually encourage assignment order cancellations or refunds. However, we do have a Dispute resolution team that analyses and looks into the refund requests. In case, we are at fault, the refund amount is immediately transferred to your PayPal account

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