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English literature topics we cover

Literature discourse

Literary discourse in any assignment deals with reading the text from multiple perspectives. This is a deviation from the grand narrative or primary reading of a piece of work. Discourse in literature is a post-modern concept.


Morphology is another branch of linguistics that deals with the syntax and form of words. This would involve a study of etymology, i.e. the history of the English language.

Linguistics and language theory

The last part of our literature assignment curriculum is language theory. This mainly deals with the way languages shapes our understanding of the text. Our experts can explain these concepts citing literary texts and papers in your assignment.


Phonology or phonetics is a branch of linguistics that deals with sounds and pronunciation of certain words. Here we cover assignments pertaining to syllable stress, prosodic analysis etc.


Semantics discusses the various branches of English and how it has developed when integrated with the local culture and language. Post-colonial readings, meta-fiction and literature theories are relevant in this section

Sentence structure

Sentence structure is when you have to check the syntax and grammar of the sentences used in a particular literary work. These assignments are also scientific, and research oriented in nature.

Common queries answered!

What kind of students do you usually cater to?

We cater to literature students, school children, undergrads, and research scholars alike. Our clients are a part of the following courses from across the world
1. Bachelor/Master of Arts (English Literature)
2. Bachelor/Master of Arts (English Literary Studies)
3. Bachelor/Master of Arts (English Hons)
4. Bachelor/Master of Applied Linguistics
5. Graduate Diploma in Applied Linguistics
6. Master of Applied Linguistics (Specialization in language for specific purposes)

What is the difference between language and literature assignment?

Language and literature are two sides of the same coin. While language and linguistics take care of the syntax, literature covers the expression and analysis aspect of art. In literature assignment, we offer in-depth analysis of texts, papers, novels, poems, and other literary works.
In linguistics assignments, our assignments are more technical, wherein we cite language theories. We also cover the origin of particular words, their evolution over the years and the history of the English language.

What are the common topics you cover for assignments?

We cover pretty much everything related to English literature and linguistics. This would involve critical analysis, alternative readings, essays, report writings, thesis papers, dissertation and more. We also present well-researched archive of social media and nursing essays, from a theoretical perspective.

Do you have free samples and literature assignment samples?

Yes, we have loads of samples on literary reviews and journals up in our archives. You can check out the academic essay example of 1500 words to get an idea about the quality and writing style of our assignment orders.

What is the average length of your assignment orders?

The length of the assignment depends on the difficulty level and research of your order. A thesis, for instance, extends for about 25 pages. A literary dissertation is longer, going up to about 50 pages.
Similarly, we have literary essays, reviews, critical analysis, reports, and full-fledged thesis papers as well. The time and resources used depends on your assignment type.


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How can I place my assignment order?

Clients can place their order by simply filling up our assignment order form. You have to specify the topic, subject, word count and deadline of your assignment. We also have some space where you can fill in other details and specific requests about your order.
Our team then analyses your request and comes up with an appropriate quote price. We can take things forward if you are okay with the pricing. Regular customers get FLAT 10% discount on their second order!

Can I request for rework or edits?

Of course! Our experts are extremely accommodating in taking customer feedback and making the necessary changes. And most of the rework is done for free, provided they come under the original assignment draft given to us.

How do I pay for the assignment order?

PayPal is our payment partner. And this gateway is totally secure, encrypted, and quick to transfer money. You can create a new account or sign into your PayPal account by clicking on the PayPal link.

What is your refund policy?

We usually don’t encourage assignment order cancellations. This is because our experts have already invested a lot of their time and research resources into completing your assignment. Although, we do have a Dispute resolution team to check and analyse your request. If there is any discrepancy on our part, we can offer a refund amount transferred to your PayPal account.

How do you ensure the academic credibility of the submissions?

All our assignment submissions are well-researched and 100% plagiarism-free. We attach free Grammarly report with every order to prove the same.

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