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Academic Proofreading services and Editing in Australia



Exercise of proofreading and editing is done in record time. We have a quality assurance proofreader on board at all times to ensure academic credibility


We do Online scientific proofreading and editing for cheap prices.You can check out the proofreading and editing PDF that outlines our policies and features in detail

Expert Work

Professional online proofreading services. We check every single detail. In fact, our thesis proofreading services are a hit among Australian students!

PhD Proofreading Services

We undertake proofreading tasks for PhD students and more. Dissertation proofreading is done by experts in the industry who have ample experience in academic writing.

Why You Should Choose Us?

Exercise of proof reading and editing

  • Original
  • Error Free
  • No spelling or grammatical errors
  • Contextual

Online scientific proofreading

  • Research Backed
  • Relevant industry Experts
  • Timely
  • Efficient

Professional online proofreading services

  • Flawless
  • Professional
  • Subject matter expert
  • Manually done

PhD proofreading services

  • Not software driven
  • Subject matter expert
  • Low thesis editing rates
  • Timely and Cheap

Our Core Values?

Original and Error-Free Writings

At Expert Assignment Help, We can help you deliver only the best.

No Grammatical Mistakes

We ensure that through online scientific proofreading services.

Employing Subject Matter Experts

We are professional online proofreading services who only hire the best.

PhD Proofreading Services

We aren’t restricted to only essays and assignments. Ever wondered what a thesis editor does? Well, send us your assignment order and find out!

Manual Copy Editing And Proofreading

Software proofreading can never be as accurate as manual.

Subject Expert

They keep the context of the content in mind while proofreading and editing it.

What Makes Us Special Than The Others?

How do we maintain our quality?

We are a quality online proofreading service which can deliver your writings well within the set deadline. We assure you a fast turnaround time because we work 24×7 to give you quality assignments that are guaranteed to fetch you high grades in class.

How are we priced?

We aim to charge you reasonable rates for our proof reading and copyediting services because we want you to reach out to our services time and again. We understand that as students you cannot afford professional proofreading help if rates are exorbitant.

The additional services that we provide?

We are open to providing you with samples of our proofreading services so that you can be confident that your work will be completely error-free.

What do our academic services work like?

Our academic editing and scientific proofreading services are equipped with different proofreading techniques and symbols for correction of wrong spellings or punctuation errors or even formatting discrepancies. Our team guarantees absolute quality proofreading for university students

What kinds of papers can our Thesis proofreaders cater to?

Our Thesis proofreader in Australia are perhaps the best in the industry because they are trained to carry out proofreading in all kinds of documents, whether it is a thesis, a dissertation, an assignment or an essay.

Do we have a question bank?

We have our own Question Bank, which you can get access to for FREE to see if your question already exists with us. Read it to know all about our proofreading services for university students.

Satisfied Customers

Alex, US

Expert Assignment Help experts are a team of excellent proofreaders. They proofread my dissertation paper and gave me some great inputs about grammar, sentence structure, etc. I also learned how to highlight suggestions for content changes.

Brittany, Australia

My referencing is usually weak and that is why I have worked with Expert Assignment Help on multiple occasions. They work very flexibly and also helped me in structuring my sentences better.

Julian, Australia

I heard about Expert Assignment Help from my cousin and assumed it would be like any other online help. However, my experience says they are much better than what I had anticipated. Thank you for helping me out during my tough times.

Frequently Asked Questions

Which all topics and subjects do you edit and proofread?

Humanities, Social Sciences and Arts: For assignments and essays that you may be writing on topics like the Renaissance or the Continental Theory or the relationship between heredity and environment, you can avail of our proofreading services.

Social Sciences
Music Technology
English Literature
English Language
Computer Science
Electrical and Electronics

I want my programming language paper to be proofread, will that be possible?

Absolutely, we undertake all kinds of projects. For all essays or dissertations that you may be composing in subjects like programming languages or the World Wide Web or cloud computing, you can benefit from our proofreaders. We also proofread papers and assignments on the following:

Computer Science
Health Sciences
Social Work

How can I write an error free assignment?

Look for different kinds of mistakes separately because that makes the proofreading more effective and faster. So, you can start by looking out for punctuation errors first and then follow it up with checks on grammatical errors and spelling errors. You can also take the help of your computer to get rid of the spelling mistakes through the user-friendly spelling checker tool. Manually checking the spellings is however the best way to be sure the document is free from all possible mistakes.

Can I join your team as a proofreader?

Of course! We are always on the lookout for young and talented students to join our team. Proofreader jobs in Melbourne are quite flexible, pay well and are an overall amazing experience. Drop in an email and we’ll take it from there.

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