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Criminology is a branch of sociology that deals with criminal justice and psychology of crime. Our experts help students crack complicated criminology case studies, reports, and reviews.

Social studies

Social sciences include a combination of moral codes, history, geography, and general knowledge. These assignments give insight on how society functions and how we interact with it.


Anthropology is the scientific study of human behaviour, cultural studies and norms that affect our daily life. Assignments on anthropology involve in-depth analysis and surveys.

Environmental studies

Environmental studies is an important addition to sociology wherein the students learn about sustainable energy resources, climate change, global warming, and other such concepts.

Value driven

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How to structure your sociology homework

Research hypothesis

The research hypothesis is a statement that sets the premise of your sociology paper. The entire assignment then tries to prove or disprove the hypothesis


A solid introduction sets the background and purpose of your paper. Our experts usually try to include a report or stat-based fact in this section

Key arguments

The main body of the paper consists the main arguments and key pointers of your sociology essay. This is where we put in all our resources and references.

Evidence and references

This is where you provide empirical data to proof your claims. Both qualitative and quantitative data sets are acceptable. Our experts also follow all in-text referencing styles- MLA, APA, Harvard and more.

Unit of analysis

Unit of analysis is your niche, the area of specialization that you want to advance on. Clients should specify this area of research and we’re glad to oblige and expand upon it.


The conclusion is where you tie the lose ends of your paper and discuss the future prospects of the topic at hand. We also include an annotated bibliography towards the end of your paper.

Common queries answered

How to write a sociology assignment?

To write a sociology assignment you need three elements.
1. The argument which is the crux of your research. This is where you state the intent and purpose of your research.
2. Next comes the evidence wherein you use stats and studies to prove or disprove your research. This is where you can use qualitative and quantitative data
3. Last is unit of analysis that basically implies your area of research and niche.

What are some of the most popular sociology assignments for college topics?

We cover a wide range of sociology assignment topics for students in Criminology, social sciences, social studies, anthropology, environmental studies and other such areas.

What are the best courses that I can pursue in Sociology?

Our team has been associated with numerous students from most of the top universities in Sociology related courses in the Australia. A few of those top universities along with the courses offered are listed below.
1. MA in Sociology (by research), La Trobe University
2. Master of Advanced Social work, Master of Social Research Methods, The University of Western Australia
3. Master of Social Science (Global, Urban, Social Studies), RMIT University.
4. Master of Social Change and Development, University of Newcastle
5. MA Sociology and Social policy, Masters’ in Criminology, Master of Development Studies, The University of Sydney.

What is the sociology coursework overview?

Sociology is a subject that has several branches or section and you can specialize in any, depending on your interest. An undergrad degree in sociology can include disciplines or subject areas such as sociology, anthropology, social science, social studies, criminology, environmental studies.
For masters, you have compulsory courses such as research strategies, quantitative research methods, and qualitative research methods. Except this you have to complete quite a few research projects and write a thesis for each of them. The topics of those research projects can off course be decided by you with the help of your thesis supervisor. In Master in Criminology course, you have to pursue core courses such as crime science, global crime, justice management, law, criminal justice theory, criminological theories. Along with these, you have to choose elective courses from justice studies, psychology and human services, global communities, public policy and management, human rights, etc.

Who is your client base?

We cater to clients from all institutions and age groups. We have projects for school kids, college students, undergrad and postgrad courses and even research scholars. Our experts can tweak the assignment and research depending on the length and topic of the assignment.


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Yes, our experts are open to feedback and can accommodate all your rework for free.

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