11 Websites You Must Know as a Marketing Student

by Bella Williams June 22, 2020

Are you interested in determining customers’ needs and wants? Do you think you are one of those think tanks that can combat stiff competition? You surely don’t want to be looked upon as one of those marketers whose brainchild “New Coke of 1985” ricocheted to the creator faster than his echo. Isn’t it?
If marketing content and knowledge keeps you interested, you are certainly at the right place on the internet. Let’s have a look at the top 12 websites that can enhance your ‘Marketing Encyclopedia’:

1. Advertising Age

The media magazine has been the one of the front runners in this domain when it comes to content on media and advertising. Catering to the relevant audience, they have the right content in the form of blogs, industry trends, qualitative reports and creative advertisements. It also offers a plethora of resources about the leading industry topics for professionals. To keep the student community engaged, it offers unmatched discounts that can surely boost knowledge in this arena and is constant Marketing Communications Assignment help expert for MBA students.

2. American Marketing Association

If you are looking for one single platform that helps you understand advertising, digital world, branding, customer engagement programs, brand loyalty, marketing communications; then you would certainly enjoy the variety of knowledge it has to offer. Regular updates on events, conferences, jobs, and webcasts are most attractive among the visitors. The Student Resources Center has multiple opportunities for students via programs like ‘College2Career’, ‘Alpha Mu Alpha’ and it also tells you about the upcoming awards and competitions.


List Of 11 Websites That Is Going To Change The Way You Look At Marketing


3. Direct Marketing Association

This website intends to bring together marketers who are not afraid to follow data driven practices in their organization. It offers courses on marketing topics, provides event-related news and also shares insights on marketing data and facts. DMA has also been very popular with marketing coursework as far as management students are concerned.

4. Direct Marketing News

Today’s marketers are constantly looking for resourceful insights with which they could drive home an advantage over their competitors. By providing relevant content and analysis, this website has forever been a favourite of several senior marketers to develop competitive strategies on various marketing channels. Section on Resources and Events is also very popular among the marketers.

5. E-Marketer

“eMarketer” provides you with appropriate knowledge about digital environment. The insights and trends have been readily appreciated by its clientele which includes the likes of Mercedes Benz, Adobe, GE and many more. Signing up on daily newsletter would allow you to get access to 3 articles each day. This has also been very popular with MBA students for their management assignment help.


6. Marketing Land

The site offers a bundle of learning opportunities for a budding marketer. Not only does it talk about SEO, SEM practices that are followed in the industry, but also tells you about the analytics of today’s complex business environment. If you need marketing assignment help on topics like content marketing, Email marketing, analytics then this website can aid you in getting better grades.

7. MarketingProfs

It has a network of more than 600,000 members who are connected to share some insights on modern marketing. This promises to offer solutions to the typical real world marketing problems through training, best practices, business research and relevant content. If you are looking to buy a marketing assignment solution, you might want to save your money. Check this out now!

8. MarketingSherpa

Standing true to its name, this research firm acts as a guide to the community members to drive better results by giving relevant cut out statistics in this competitive business environment. It conducts research on a variety of marketing topics and strategies and releases ,blogs, articles and free reports. It has also been a regular assistance for marketing homework for MBA students.

9. Mashable.com

Mashable.com is instrumental in helping people stay updated about new happenings on the internet, but it is not limited to social media and online advertising. It also covers sections like ‘World’, ‘Lifestyle’, ‘Entertainment’ and ‘Business’.

10. MediaBistro

If a marketer’s question is “Where can I find the one stop solution for a media professional who is looking for relevant information on media courses, In-demand skills, a career advice on media, an option for membership and regular blogs on media careers as well as news?” Answer would unequivocally be : MediaBistro


List Of 11 Websites That Is Going To Change The Way You Look At Marketing


11. The Next Web

Launched 10 years back, this site has lived up to its name providing regular and accurate updates on upcoming international events in the digital world, ranging from design to gadgets, social media and much more.

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