Business Communication And Analysis

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Assessment Type


Word Count

1000 words


Business Communication


3 Days

Assignment Criteria

Your goal for this week should be to complete your skills portfolio for each of the three behaviours in the skills of Analysing Data and Using Technology and Communicating Effectively. You should structure your responses into the four sections (situation, task, action, result), but all of your paragraphs should flow on to each other.

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Assignment Solution

Communicating Effectively

  • Verbal communication

My proficiency in verbal communications increased manifold in the last few years of my career and it was at this time that I developed and nurtured it to perfection.

S: There are many situations in my work, as a Manager in the fast food industry; where it is an essential function to communicate effectively with my customers, employees and the general management team to ensure timely delivery of all production units, efficient coordination of all departments in the industry and the maintenance of a positive environment that provides fast, efficient and customer-friendly services.

T: I motivate my employees and teammates to work towards a common goal of increased sales, efficiency, and customer satisfaction. I maintain an effective coordination between different departments of the industry.

A: I excel in one to one communication because of my ability to be empathetic and because of my warm and friendly demeanor. Being a friendly and warm person helps me to form a personal connection with every staff member and customer, and I make sure every individual performs his/her duty optimally.

R: The result of my actions, is a happy team of staff that works under my supervision and the maintenance of a positive environment that provides fast, efficient and customer-friendly services.

Competent in Microsoft Office


I have very excellent skills in MS Office, MS Excel and MS Outlook which I have acquired through my academic education and past experiences.

S: I am a Bachelor of Business, major in Management and minor in Accounting at Edith Cowan University, Australia I had been posed with numerous situations, where I had to analyze data and numbers in my academics.

T: I also handled the task given to me as part of my job, which required working in M.S Excel and Outlook to ensure timely delivery of production units and efficient coordination of all departments. I succeeded because of my deep understanding of the various concepts of computer skills like Research and System Analysis.

A: The approach I had undertaken to succeed was to be very methodical and planned in everything I was assigned; I learned one concept at a time and then integrated this new knowledge with my existing learning and skills in mathematics to complete my task as a manager.

R: The result of which is that I have never received any kind of major complaints from my supervisors about the task I have been assigned. My ability to do my duties efficiently and in time has also enabled me to lead a team, and develop a healthy customer relationship.

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