Career Portfolio Assignment

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Assessment Type


Word Count

900 words


Career Portfolio Assignment


2 Days

Assignment Criteria

Your goal for this week should be to complete your skills portfolio for each of the three behaviours in the skills of Analysing Data and Using Technology and Communicating Effectively. You should structure your responses into the four sections (situation, task, action, result), but all of your paragraphs should flow on to each other.

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Assignment Solution

Working on the professional career portfolio made me realize the importance of effective presentation in the context of highlighting relevant skills. To a large extent, the information in a portfolio plays a strong role in reflecting one's abilities as an individual, and employability in a specific desired job profile. 

Working towards a STAR approach of skills description created avenues for self-discovery and provided confidence building opportunities for me. It found it as an extremely creative and multifaceted way to organize accomplishments, aspirations, goals, and one's personal thoughts. The idea behind such a presentation is to provide better tangible proof of abilities and to demonstrate the fitment for a specific job profile. Moreover, it also allowed me to learn the art of organizing information and selecting specific items from one's past experiences to demonstrate the relevance for a specific operation. 

Working towards the crucial elements like cover letter allowed me to explore the critical points which employers seek as a first presentation. Given the fact that an employer has very little time to spend on a person's portfolio, the eye-grabbing and attention seeking points within a cover letter come to aid to create a difference. I learned the art of making use of best relevant keywords in a cover letter, showing fitment to the job. Given the space constraint, I realized the importance of data organization and the effective listing of attitudinal, knowledge, and functional skills in the best possible way, so as to improve the chances of an interview. 

Similarly, preparing a resume, allowed me to understand the importance of presenting and organizing one's accomplishments, experiences, and learnings in a formal setting. To a large extent, it also allowed me to reflect more on my career plans and the goals which would like to achieve in future. It also made to realize the importance of effectively segregating core competencies and 'must-have' skills from the 'good to have' skills. 

Similarly, other elements of the portfolio provided me an opportunity to reflect on my strengths and weaknesses as a professional. Looking at the crucial elements of the basic job criteria, made me analyze my key experiences and accomplishments in a specific direction, better suited to the actual job need. Thus, the overall exercise made to reflect on the correct approach towards better professional portfolio building and thus improving chances for selection.

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