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Classroom Organization And Management Plan

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Assignment Criteria

Your plan is how you believe you will organize your classroom, how you will be proactive in managing students’ behavior issues, and is based on reflection by you on specific theories/theorists and particular philosophies.

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Assignment Solution

Grade level and Content Area

I am a Second grade Math teacher.

  • Philosophical Base

I can relate my teaching philosophy with Alfie Kohn as he has a unique approach to manage the classroom. And he explains how reward and punishment are strategies that manipulate students, whereas it is more important to motivating students towards studies (Kohn, A., 1999). 

  • Classroom Arrangement

I will arrange my classroom in a way wherein the students can see colourful and vibrant walls. There will be large windows that would welcome natural light and provide with a warm, safe and vibrant environment that students can relate to. I will also arrange the seating in a way wherein students sit while facing each other, which will help in discussions and storytelling or sharing food together (Korpershoek, H. et al., 2014). Basically, this will create an engaging environment.

  • Classroom Transitions

Every student should know what to expect, and for this, I will always write the agenda or time table on the blackboard, so that students can copy them and be prepared for the next class. During classroom transitions, I will always ensure that students walk n a line with hands at their back to imbibe discipline in their transitions and walking. It is important for students to realise the need for disciple and walking quietly so that other classes are not disturbed in this procedure (Korpershoek, H. et al., 2014). 

  • Classroom Management Policy

The rules of my classroom would not be strict, but they will be firm so that there is a discipline in the classroom. My main aim would be to keep students engaged with different activities so that they learn something new each time. I want to keep my students motivated to look forward to school and studying with me so that they do not feel burdened with it (Kohn, A., 1999). For this with the start of every chapter, I would try and give them a few real-world examples or tell them a story related to the topic that would help them to engage with it and understand the topic well. Regarding homework, I am still confused because my aim is to keep students involved with the topic that was taught in the class, but there are students who complete their homework every day, some do not, and some take help from the tutors (Korpershoek, H. et al., 2014). This does not solve my purpose, and I do not want to give homework for the sake of it. So I give homework every alternate day and then discuss it with them the next day so that even if some of them have failed to do it, we can always discuss it in the class. I have developed these guidelines to ensure that students are not overburdened with studies, and they can enjoy learning and discuss the problem with me freely, without any fear of punishment (Kohn, A., 1999). 

  • Involvement of Stakeholders

I can involve art teachers, games teachers and helpers in my class as they can help children with drawings of the topic, games with studies and helpers to take care of children and their well- being.

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