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by Bella Williams June 19, 2020

Coming to a new country and finding a place for students to find accommodation can be a daunting task, but if you know what and how of your search, then it is a cake walk. Let us see the three important aspects of student accommodation


Types Of Student Accommodation, Their Advantages And Disadvantages


Different types of lodging options available for students are

Boarding Houses


They are budget houses for students looking for an independent accommodation. A boarder does not have as many rights as a tenant. The kitchen and bathroom are usually shared among boarders while a single room is given to each of them. The approximate rent of boarding houses is AUD$250-$350 per week.

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Shared Apartments or Rental Properties


If you are looking to save on expenses, you could share an apartment with one or more fellow mates. Students often share apartments with others from the same University. This gives them an opportunity to socialize. Rental properties are often unfurnished. The approximate rent ranges from AUD$100-$350 a week.

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If learning the local culture is your prime agenda, it is best that you take accommodation in a Homestay. This would give you an opportunity to live with a native family and gain a first-hand experience of their lifestyle. You could opt for a single or shared room. Meals are usually included in the rent. Approximate rent for Homestays is AUD$235-$325 a week.

You can find below the Home-stay campaign run by the Government of Victoria to promote home stays for international students in Keilor & Essendon suburbs in Victoria. There are similar campaigns initiated by other local government bodies to promote home stay opportunities for students studying in local universities and colleges.

Keilor Victoria Government Home Stay Campaign

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Guest House or Off-Campus Hostel

This type of accommodation is most sought after by students in the first year of graduation. Hostels are pocket-friendly and give you an opportunity to make new friends in an unknown place. Students have the option of cooking on their own. Accommodation in a guest house or hostel costs approximately AUD$80- $135 a week.

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Types Of Student Accommodation, Their Advantages And Disadvantages

Residential Colleges


Colleges also provide accommodation to students along with facilities like free meals and laundry. This type of accommodation is often expensive, but helps save on travel expenses. Costs associated with staying in these residences vary from college to college and sums up to around AUD$50-$300 per week.

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The apartments provide independence and security associated with college-based housing. Students who are on the verge of completion of their degree usually opt for such type of accommodation. The approximate rent for apartment varies greatly based on location of property and may range from AUD$50-$400 per week

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On-Campus Housing


If you are willing to spend a good amount of money on accommodation, on-campus housing is probably the best choice for you. It gives you an opportunity to explore campus life and socialize with other international students. You could live in hostels, halls of residence or university dormitories, depending on your requirement. Approximate rent for on-campus housing varies from AUD$50 in some universities to AUD$350 in others.

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Read in detail about various types of accommodation options for students 

Among various possible options, you must choose the kind of lodging that suits you based on five major factors

  1. Location– City or suburbs? Close to the university or far away?
  2. Lifestyle– Solo or shared apartment? Busy city life or quiet suburban life?
  3. Affordability– What is your budget?
  4. Commitment– Who do you want to share the apartment with? How long do you wish to stay in the apartment?
  5. Priorities– Studies or socializing?


Read all the details on various factors you should take care before choose your lodging option

Documents needed while moving in or out of your accommodation

If you want to rent an accommodation in Australia, you will need a rental agreement between you and the landlord or agent. After signing this agreement, you should be given documents like-

  1. Information Statement
  2. Property Condition Report
  3. Bond lodgement form


Read more on rent cost, rental contracts, rules/regulations during the tenancy and moving in/ out


Types Of Student Accommodation, Their Advantages And Disadvantages

How to find cheap student accomodation?


Online websites should be your first place to start your search and here are some of the most popular websites you should spend some time on.

The Pad

If you are looking for fully furnished apartments or rooms, this website is the place to be. It has details about properties, like rent, which is inclusive of facilities like communal spaces.

Student One

Students looking for a place to stay within the city, with easy access to cafes, public spaces and grocery stores, should surf through this website. Student One provides premium student accommodation in Australia.

International House

This website offers communal accommodation and has houses that have been home to students from various nationalities. Meals are included in the weekly rent.


You can choose from single or shared accommodation. You will have access to facilities like outdoor sports, swimming pool and gymnasium.

Brisbane Student Housing

Being an official portal, this website has the answers to all your queries.

This is Australia’s most well-known estate portal that helps provide accommodation in all preferred locations.

You can check the availability of desired accommodation and directly book the same through this website. A booking consultant will be assigned to you to help you make the booking.


This website helps you find a place to stay in cities like Adelaide, Sydney, and Brisbane. The property available has modern rooms along with social and study spaces.

Students looking for fully furnished apartments browse through this site. Water, electricity, and cleaning services are included in the rent.

All types of accommodation can be found on this website. It gives students all kinds of information on rent and available facilities.


Lodges across all popular cities of Australia can be found on this website.

Sun Brisbane

Renting an apartment in Brisbane is made easy by this website. Single or shared, all types of accommodation can be found here.

Find accommodation based on details like location, rent and number of bedrooms in different properties through this website.

Australian Homestay Network

If you are the type of student who wishes to stay in a Homestay and imbibe true Australian culture, this website is the ideal place for you to search for an accommodation.


Air-conditioned apartments that are fully furnished, are readily available to be rented on this website. To add to the list of amenities like a dishwasher and washing machine, the apartments are also equipped with free access to WiFi.


Read in detail about different websites for finding cheap and affordable student accommodation.

Prepare your checklist before starting to search for accommodation 


Shortlist 2 properties and compare them based on location. Check whether they are located in the CBD or suburban areas. Also check their proximity with the Univeristy.

Type of accommodation

Decide on whether you are looking for a single or shared accommodation. Then take a call on which type of residence, you wish to live in, options being Homestay, rental property, boarding house, apartment, hostel etc.


Think about your budget and choose among properties accordingly. Take into consideration the entire cost of living.

In case of Share housing, who do you wish to share accommodation with?

Be clear on who you would want to share your residence with. Specifications like gender, age, interests and occupation of your potential housemate should be taken into consideration.


Get ready made TO DO sheets on our dedicated blog on How to find cheap student accommodation 


Rent cost, Rental contracts, & Rules/Regulations during the tenancy and moving in/out


Here are few things you must know before becoming a tenant


Types Of Student Accommodation, Their Advantages And Disadvantages


Renting cost

Size, age, location and quality of the property along with facilities available are important factors that determine its rental cost. Unfurnished properties could range between a weekly rent of AUD$250-$350 for bedsitters to AUD$800-$1200 for 3-bedroom apartments, in Australia.

Fees and Bonds

If the lease is valid for six months, agents usually ask for a week’s rent as fees. However, if the lease is valid for a year, agents ask for fees amounting two weeks’ rent. As per the law, this is the maximum amount of money that can be charged as fees by an agent.

Rental contract process and structure

A tenancy agreement or rental contract is signed by both, the landlord and the tenant. This document clearly lays down the rules and responsibilities of both parties. The landlord and tenant are expected to strictly abide by the rules mentioned in the tenancy agreement. A house if often rented for a minimum period of 6 to 12 months to a tenant after which, the agreement can be renewed.


The tenant must conduct a careful inspection of the property before signing the tenancy agreement. This includes checking details like facilities available, cleanliness, condition of furniture etc.

Rules and Regulations during the tenancy and moving in/out


During Tenancy

Responsibilities of tenant

Responsibilities of a tenant primarily include paying the rent on time, taking care of the property and informing landlord in case any repair work is needed.

Responsibilities of landlord

The landlord is responsible for providing the tenant with a guide failing which he is liable to pay a fine of up to $500. He is also responsible for ensuring privacy of the tenant.

While moving out vacating the property at the expiry of lease

Give your landlord a notice period of 28 days before vacating the property.

Final Inspection

The agent or landlord conducts a final inspection in about 10 days after the tenant vacates his property. This is done to ensure no damage has occurred. Bond deposit is refunded after successful completion of the final inspection.


Read our separate blog with complete details on Rental costs and rules while moving in and out of your accommodation

Golden Tips for Tenants


Clear all pending bills and ensure that the property is left in a good condition.

Breaking a lease early

If you decide to vacate the property before the expiry of the lease, you will have to pay the rent till the landlord finds a new tenant.


It is the responsibility of the tenant to ensure that the property is spotless at the time of vacating, lest he should bear the costs.

Bond Returns

You will be returned your bond amount after submitting a signed copy of the Bond Claim Form. Ensure that the landlord signs the form too. The amount is ideally refunded within 3 working days.

Cancelling utilities (phone, gas, water, internet and electricity)

Ensure that you cancel all utilities you availed during your stay, at the time of vacating property.

We hope reading this blog was worth your time. We try our best to give you CRISP and TO THE POINT knowledge on various aspects of student life. 

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