E Portfolio Assessment Task Week-9

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Assessment Type


Word Count

750 words


E-Portfolio assessment


2 Days

Assignment Criteria

In Week 9 you are asked to prepare a professional resume which will form the basis of any job application that you will prepare in the future. This view will be shared with your tutor and will form the first part of your E-portfolio assessment task.

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Assignment Solution

Week 9 assignment

Answer 1: 

A critical analysis of the SFIA framework shows that an effective resume is that which is more focused and directed towards the exact job requirements, for which the resume is prepared. Making a resume in the form of a list of skills is not the right approach towards resume building. The primary purpose of building a resume is to bear out the eligibility and suitability to be as loud and clear as possible. For example, if the job profile of a candidate is such that he is required to work under general direction, and is allowed to use discretion in identifying issues, then such a job profile fits the Level 3 of the SFIA framework. Thus, while building up the resume, effective care should be taken to ensure that it does not get misdirected to a different level. For example, mentioning that the candidate is capable of following orders well might make the resume directed towards level 1, which would be a mismatch. Such kind of mismatch might increase the chances of rejection to a large extent. 

As far as the resume prepared by me is concerned, the resume represents a candidate who is a recent graduate in IT. Given the nature of his experience, such a candidate would never be expected to lead big projects, but would rather be expected to follow instructions well. Including qualities which stress on the disciplined nature of the candidate, and his ability to learn fast can be an added advantage in terms of getting the job. Given the fact that the expected SFIA level for such a candidate would either be Level 1 or 2, he would be expected to adapt to his surroundings, use minor or no discretion in his decisions and the ability to learn the project specific tools and skills in a very short time. Thus the resume should be oriented in such a way that it reflects the candidate's past experience in quick learning and application, and his ability to adjust easily to varied environments. The achievements and skills should be structured in such a way so as to create an impact of planned and clear-cut progress towards achieving one's objectives. Apart from portraying the candidate's ability to work effectively under the leadership, it should also reflect his competency with regard to effective interaction and communication. Thus, the resume would be more focused and will carry greater probability of getting selected for the role. 

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