Eye On The Sky: A Movie Review

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Word Count

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Assignment Criteria

1. Please respond to this movie by doing the following. There are several Claims and arguments. Choose a claim that makes the most sense to you. Such as the use of drones in warfare, civilian use, collateral damage, and the ethics involved in collateral damage, an argument towards compassion. or how realistic or nonrealistic is the film.

2. List three because clauses related to this claim. These are the reasons.

3. What is the underlying assumption for this claim to be complete? In other words, what does the audience have to agree with? This should be based on principle, belief, or an ethical assumption. Such as: everyone should have the right to not be spied on. This is the warrant, it guarantees soundness once accepted by the audience.

4. What facts are presented in the Movie to back up your because clause? Also. what facts/sources did you find to back up your clauses? If there isn’t a fact. can you find a fact(s) with alittle bit of research? This is the grounds for a claim. Grounds are facts, data, Statistics, causal links, testimony, examples, and anecdotes.

5. Please state an oppositional view to your claim with a rebuttal.

6. Based on your assumptions Of belief, principle, and ethics, how would you respond to the oppositional view? This is your rebuttal.

7. Create a Works Cited page for your essay and remember to use appropriate in-text citation.

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Assignment Solution

The movie 'Eye In The Sky' was released in the year 2015, which revolved around the secret mission of US and UK government to fail the suicide bombing attack of terrorists in Kenya. The movie portrays the perfect blend of emotions, ethics and duties of army professionals with respect to collateral damage. In the current essay, the viewpoint regarding the actions of the army towards collateral damage has been presented. 

In this movie, the major argument or majorly the whole movie is based on collateral damage. It is a responsibility of an army or military to avoid terrorism; however, sometimes they got stuck with the decision making as they have to choose between rights or wrong(Goldman). In the current scenario, there was only one girl who was collateral damage, but if the military would have dropped the idea to leave suicide squad bombers, then it would have taken the life of lots of common and innocent people.  Thus, it is the most sensible claim in the movie. 

  • The collateral damage is the most sensible claim in the current scenario because; it was saving the lives of so many other innocent people just by losing one life. 
  • It was sensible because leaving the suicide squad members could have encouraged them if they got success in implementing their terrorist activities.
  • Because the potential damage to be done by a terrorist was much intense as compared to collateral damage.

Thus, there was a need to avoid the ethical values and following the duty or responsibility. 

The audience needs to agree with the fact that terrorism is growing and the military has the duty to deal with suicide squad members (Holden). They can never take decisions by heart or under the influence of emotions; it is a major assumption that can be developed after watching this movie. The audience has to understand that the answer to terrorism can never be sympathy, empathy and compassion from military professionals (Hedges and Arian). 

In the movie, it has been shown clearly that if the military wouldn’t have taken any action against the suicide squad bombers, then it could have affected the life of 80 members. This fact suggests that the claim of collateral damage is appropriate for the army. Another fact is supported by the visuals shown in the movie. It has been clearly shown in the movie that the members were getting prepared for the attack. The wires were applied on their body, and psychologically and mentally they seemed so strong to attack. The visuals shown in the movie depicts that they were fully loaded with pieces of equipment and weapons (Holden). Therefore, it shows that collateral damage was the right decision for that particular moment.

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