Information Technology Question Database Design Assignment Questions Part-2

by Bella Williams July 22, 2016

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database design

Here is the second part of the case study that will help you understand the Database Designing questions…

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The airline case study Part -2 questions

Section II Terra Firma Airlines Case Study (continued)

The system must be able to make the following queries ⇓

  1. For each airplane (given the serial number), list the type code, type description, capacity and flight range, manufacture date, purchase date, and the next service date.
  2. For each pilot (given the staff number), list the pilot name, the type code and description of each of the types of planes on which the pilot is certified.
  3. List the flight number, date and airplane serial number for all flights on which the pilot is currently scheduled using the pilot staff number.
  4. For each city served, list the city name, the state, and a description of the airport (we assume each city has only one airport).
  5. For each city (given the city name), produce a list of the flights scheduled to arrive or depart within the next 24 hours. The list should include the flight number, the time of arrival or departure in ascending order of time.
  6. Given flight number, list origination city, stopover city (if applicable), and destination city as well as the departure and/or arrival times in these cities.
  7. For a scheduled flight, list the captain, the co-pilot, the flight attendants, and the airplane serial number.
  8. For each scheduled flight and a departure city, prepare a customer call list, which includes the ID type, ID number, full name, date of birth, address and contact phone number of the passengers booked to board the flight.
  9. Given a date, an origination city and a destination city, list all scheduled flights and the number of available seats on each flight.
  10. For a given passenger (identified by ID type and ID number), list the flights he or she has been booked on, including the departure/arrival city and time.
  11. For a staff member, list the details of the emergency contact person.
  12. For a given date, list the airplanes scheduled for flights and those not scheduled for flights.
  13. For each flight attendant, find his/her work experiences and details of trainings he/she received.
  14. For each airplane (given the serial number), list its scheduled flights (departure and arrival city as well as time) today.

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