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by Bella Williams November 05, 2016

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Case Study Question

You are the International Marketing Manager – in an organisation of your own choice.
You are to prepare a report for your Board of Directors, covering the International Marketing tasks set out below (Component A and Component B)-

Undertake a critical evaluation of the internal Critical Success Factors (CSF`s) that can determine success/failure in your chosen organisation`s Market Development planning.

Points to address in Assignment Component A-

  1. Students should answer in the context of their chosen organisation.
  2. Students should identify and critically evaluate the importance of the internal CSF`s -employing relevant international marketing models.
  3. Students should critically evaluate, illustrate and justify the importance of these internal CSF`s in the context of the chosen organisation`s Market Development planning.

Critically examine and discuss how and why your chosen marketing organisation needs to strategically plan and manage its Relationship Strategies as a key external Critical Success Factor in the context of potential success/failure of its future Market Development planning.

Points to address in Assignment Component B-

  1. Students’ should answer in the context of their chosen organisation.
  2. Students should critically examine and discuss the strategic planning of Relationship Marketing strategies in the context of International markets, referring to relevant concepts and Relationship Marketing models.
  3. Students should critically examine and justify the potential benefits for the chosen organization of undertaking this strategic approach to Relationship Marketing management in the context of the organization`s International Market Development planning.


  • All assignments should be presented in the form of a report, NOT an essay.
  • Assignments will be graded on the basis of-
    • research done
    • analysis of the facts collated
    • position taken and the justification of the position
  • All research must be referenced. A Reference List and a Bibliography MUST be attached. Harvard system of referencing MUST be followed.
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Guidance For Students In The Completion Of Tasks

NOTE: The guidance offered below is linked to the five common assessment criteria overleaf and specifically aligned to the “exceptional” outcome category to which we anticipate students aspire.

  1. Research-informed Literature

Your work must embed and be informed and supported by relevant and credible scholarly material that is accessible in the learned journals listed on the module schedule.  You should refer to at least 10 such sources.  Additionally, you should refer to text books, current news items and benchmark your organisation against other organisations to ensure your assignment is current and up-to-date.  High-level referencing skills using the Harvard Method must be demonstrated throughout your work and all sources listed alphabetically within your bibliography.

  1. Knowledge and Understanding of Subject

Your work must demonstrate the growing extent of your knowledge and understanding of concepts and underlying principles associated with the subject area.  This means that within your work, you should provide evidence of your growing mastery in critical awareness of current challenges, new insights and the constant need for innovation within the field.  Furthermore, a critical awareness of the ambiguities and limitations of knowledge and even understanding, should be considered and examples of such, illustrated within your work.

  1. Analysis

To be considered masters worthy, your work must contain evidence of analysis, evaluation and synthesis.  This means not just describing “What!” but also justifying: Why? How? When? Who? Where? And at what cost!  At all times, you must provide justification of your arguments and judgements.  Evidence that you have reflected upon the ideas of others on matters occurring in the real world of business is crucial to you providing a reasoned and informed debate within your work.  Your choice of methodologies to gather data and information must be rigorously defended.  Furthermore, you should provide evidence that you are able to make sound judgements and convincing arguments in the absence of complete data, since within the real world of work, we rarely have access to, or know all the information!  Persuasive conclusions are especially necessary and must be derived from the content of your work – there should be no new information presented within your conclusion.  Your work should aspire to resemble work which is of journal publishable quality.

  1. Practical Application and Deployment

It is essential that you rationalise how you decided upon certain methods, materials, tools and techniques to inform and complete your work.  You must demonstrate what informed your decision(s) to apply certain concepts that enabled you to formulate innovative and creative solutions to the challenges presented to you or that you identified for yourself.  Plausible, costed and justifiable recommendations are demanded and where these are absent, your work is undermined.  Your work should provide evidence that you are growing in mastery in developing cutting edge processes and techniques within the subject area.

     5. Skills for Professional Practice

Your work must provide evidence of your attributes in the application of professional practice.  This includes demonstrating that you are highly capable of individual and collaborative working.  Regarding the presentation of your work, you must demonstrate your ability to select and deploy the appropriate media that is “fit for purpose. Additionally, you must exhibit your ability to: communicate with an exceptionally high level of professionalism; work professionally, autonomously and within a team; develop leadership skills; and produce/present work that is coherent, cogent and specifically addresses the challenges set for you or you have set yourself. Importantly, your work should be easily understood by specialists and non-specialists in the field.

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