You Can Be Our Guest Blogger, Very Easily 

If you can write good value add blogs on students, then we can become our guest blogger. You can be from any part of the globe and can still be our guest blogger.

Let us clarify some of your basic doubts.

What are genres on which you can write?

  • Academics: (Subject based) (Check example)
  • Academics: (In general) (Check example)
  • Student Jobs and internships
  • International Student Visa/PR Related
  • Student Cost Saving tips
  • Student Scholarships
  • Rules & Regulations
  • Personality Development
  • University News
  • Check our Existing Blogs to understand better.

Types of content we can accept?

  • Text, in the form of blogs
  • Videos (Short Movie)
  • Graphics (Pics, Images, Infographics)
  • Animation (motion graphics, stop motion, 3D etc.)

Terms and Conditions?

  • Your content should be genuine and should add value to the reader.
  • Your content should be Zero plagiarized.
  • Your content should be excellent in English quality.
  • Your content will be reviewed by our team of writers and then posted.
  • Once posted, the content authority will be ours, however, your authorship will be mentioned.
  • Your content should be aimed at the value enhancement of the reader and not at back link creation.
  • ExpertAssignmentHelp reserves the rights to cancel your blogging rights on our website with disclosure of the reason of cancellation.
  • You will NOT BE PAID.

What can we offer to Guest Bloggers?

  • Your content will be posted in our blog section and shared in our social media
  • Your authorship will be mentioned, which will also be linked to your social media
  • In case you have any specific request, you can also write to us.

How to become our guest blogger?

  • You need to fill this short form will all possible information and we will get back to you.