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Education & teaching


2 Days

Assignment Criteria

In the attachments, you will find the requirements file and the documents that are needed for this assignment. 

Important note:

The expert must follow and do everything that is asked in the rubric other than deadline and page requirements. also, this is assignment is aimed to be My Philosophy of Education so the expert must not use outside sources as the professor need it to be my own philosophy of education and the expert should only use the docs that I provided in the attachment as it is part of the book. if he still needs some pages from the book I can provide that too upon him asking for them. make sure that he cite the book at the end of this assignment in APA format. 

This assessment should be only two pages double spaced. In the requirements it says the deadline is 2nd of Nov. but I want it to be finished on the 30th so Ignore the deadline in the requirements. the citations should be in APA, and the book name is in the attachments.

here is some of the of the answers that the expert needs to know

  1. who are you going to teach?

Ans. 2nd grade 

  1. what are you going to teach?

Ans. Math

  1. How are you going to teach?

Ans. Group work, presentations, projects (anything I’ll leave that for the expert to pick from)

If there is anything that the expert need or don’t understand please contact me ill do my best to clarify what need to be done to him. 

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Assignment Solution


This essay will outline my philosophy of education that will inform my teaching practice in future classrooms. I am a second-grade math teacher. Student's attitude towards math is set during their primary school years. The philosophy of education of a primary school math teacher needs to make math realistic, fun and challenging for students. I have developed my philosophy of education with this larger goal in mind. 

I will draw on the philosophies of progressivism, pragmatism and the critical theorists to define my philosophy of education as a second-grade math teacher. Progressivism believes in an interdisciplinary approach using co-operation to aid the learning process. Progressivism also supports student-centred learning and views the role of a teacher more as a facilitator and guide to student learning. In my teaching experience, I have found that this is the role most suited to teaching math to the primary school level. The interdisciplinary approach is a true reflection of life as students will experience it outside the classroom.

Dewey's pragmatic philosophy and 'learning by doing' using projects is very suitable for creating enthusiastic learning in primary math classrooms. When math is combined with other subjects, and students get to explore a topic in a holistic manner the math classroom becomes a place where they are not only learning to count and do sums but a hub of activity where they are using everyday life and phenomena to understand and apply basic arithmetic concepts. Group projects involving other students of the same age gives an opportunity for students to learn to work in groups and develop leadership qualities at a very young age. Project work using teams also supports multicultural exchanges between students in keeping with the philosophies of the Critical theorists. I intend to use student autobiographies, family and community experiences in my project-based interdisciplinary learning that I will design for my classrooms. This has the double advantage of making classroom learning real for my students in addition to bringing in varied cultural experiences into the classroom.

Pragmatism is a philosophy that will play a major role in my philosophy of education. Problem-solving is one of the chief skills every twenty-first-century education seeks to develop in students. Math is a subject that lends itself to developing the skill of problem-solving. I believe that primary school mathematics can even be used to develop the skill of problem framing.

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