Natalie Goldberg’s First Four Rules Of Writing For Students

by Dr. Alan June 24, 2020

Natalie Goldberg believes in certain rules for writing and she reiterates them because she is of the firm belief that these rules form the very basis of writing skills and come handy when you need help in your assignments. These rules, according to her, are not only relevant to the art of writing, but apply equally well to all other facets of life like playing tennis or even cooking. Excited to know what these rules are? Here is a glimpse of the four primary rules of writing that you can refer to when in need for assignment help:

Keep your hand moving

Natalie recommends that once you begin writing, do not stop. If you have thought of writing a piece in 20 minutes, do not let anything stop you from doing the same. No matter how tense the situation gets, keep your hand moving. This is because she believes that the two hands of a human are depictive of the creator and the editor. Experts with assignment help say that the writing hand is the creator that wants to scribble uncensored truth while the editor aims at writing only politically correct statements. One must not let the editor overpower the creator, and hence, go on and finish the article before the editor gets a chance to come in the way.


Four Handy Rules for Professional Writing


Lose Control

Natalie urges people to indulge in honest writing by expressing what they truly wish to say rather than making statements that are socially appropriate and polite. It is not always necessary to say the right thing. What is more important is that one writes his heart out. It is then that one’s work becomes an ideal description of cent percent authenticity. Hence, when you need assistance with assignments, stop worrying about what others would have to say when they read your work. Remember that it is for your own satisfaction that you write, not for the world’s greater good.

3. Be Specific

Assignment experts recommend you to delve deeper into what you really wish to say and write specific words instead of utilizing generic terms. If you wish to write “tree”, name the tree that you wish the reader to picture while reading your abstract. Mention the species and not only the genus when talking about taxonomy. It is important for one to be able to connect with your piece of writing in order to be able to like it. Make others feel that connection. This will not only help others relate to your writing, but will also help you do the same.

4. Don’t Think

Natalie believes that a writer produces his finest piece when he pens down his first thoughts without having any second thoughts. Second and third thoughts are often very refined versions of the first thought and are therefore incapable of expressing what the writer is truly feeling to the best of their ability. Hence, it is of utmost importance that a writer indulges in the pleasure of fearlessly quoting his thoughts without having to worry about the consequences. It is only then that he will be able to cite precisely what he believes in. This could also turn out to be of great assignment help for students.

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