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The field of Nursing Science provides ample encouragement to go ahead and explore the global environment and learn from them to reflect on the individual and professional values in the light of collaborative practice. These are also enlightened with the social, political and cultural aspects involved in the diverse subjects. The impact can be on the patient and also on his/her family. This impact can be due to mental trauma of suffering, the treatment methodology, duration of treatment, or the financial stress due to the medical expenses.

Nursing and health sciences Subject-Matter-Expert team at EAH is equipped with doctors and Ph.D. Graduates in Nursing and medical science. This is due to the fact that our experience tells us that they are better placed to add value to nursing assignments, especially when the modern nursing curriculum includes a wider spectrum of the study of health sciences.

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Types Of Nursing Subjects Covered By Our Experts

  • An Introduction to Nursing
  • Health Assessment and Analysis
  • Pathophysiology
  • Pharmacology
  • Mental Health Nursing
  • Community Based Fundamental Nursing
  • Managing the Care of children, adults and child rearing families
  • Managing Care of the Adult
  • Healthy Aging, Health Protection and Disease Prevention
  • Nursing Research Whitepapers & Dissertations
  • Maternity Nursing
  • Information processing in the field of Nursing Science
  • Leadership and team synergy
  • Managing Therapeutic Relationships
  • Social Welfare and Community Health
  • Inter-professional Collaborative practice
  • Patient Safety
  • Safety Standards

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Let’s Know A Bit More

What are the nursing courses our experts cater to?

Our expert team presently caters to students of the following courses from across the world:

Bachelor/Diploma/Master of Nursing (with and without Hons)
Bachelor/Master of Midwifery Degree (with and without Hons)
Medication administration for enrolled nurse
Graduate Diploma in Midwifery
Certificates I/II/III/IV in Nursing
Master of Clinical Midwifery
Master of Nursing Research
Distance/Online Learning Courses in Nursing Science

What are Nursing and Health Sciences?

Nursing and Health Sciences cover a wide range of activities and phenomena experienced by the nurses. The holistic approach of the modern day nursing courses, not only focus on the well-being of the patient, but also on the family of the patient and in some cases the whole community concerned. The health education of the patient and his/her family also falls under the responsibility of the nurse. Several researches have been conducted which throw light on the various emerging health issues and concerns which are increasing with the changes in lifestyle across the world. The study of the emotional response to painful stimuli, painful experience and frustration of Alzheimer’s patients, the occurrences of domestic violence, and urinary incontinence in women, is carried out among many similar studies which impact the society’s health and well-being.
The nursing and health sciences students need to understand the dynamic nature of the changing lifestyle problems and they need to explore them at global and local levels to gauze the political and economic factors which shape the challenges faced by the health care system on the whole.
With the help of epidemiological data, students examine the impact of environment, lifestyle, gender, financial health, stress and occupational hazards on the health of the subjects. Such detailed and thorough examination helps nursing students analyze the reasons behind the high mortality rate and morbidity rate. Current government policies and initiatives are studied, including the health promotion initiatives, taxpayer’s budget and funding schemes and their role in the facilitation of health care services across the world.

What are the roles and responsibilities of a Nursing student?

The pivotal role of the nurse, hence is first to establish, then to maintain and finally to terminate the therapeutic care and relationship with not only the patient but also with the patient’s family. Experiential learning is used by nursing students to develop therapeutic communication and general interaction skills under various situations. These skills equip them to be in a better position to handle nursing health assessments. They also engage themselves in psychosocial Support interventions where the sensitivity of the case is linked with the cultural background, education levels and needs, cues and emotions of the patient and his family.
Nursing students are often introduced to pathophysiology with the help of several discussions on the processes like degeneration, injuries of varied nature and chronic diseases across the lifespan of the patient. In order to handle health assessments, the normal physiological function of various systems in a human body is taught to the students. Microorganisms behave in a specific manner and display unique characteristics which help them create relationships with infectious diseases. The strength and swift reaction of the immune system of the body is also studied under different circumstances along with the study of the positive and negative impacts of various drugs on the human body.
Modern nursing frameworks and course curriculums concentrate on a comprehensive approach to understand culturally sensitive issues related to health of the community. Stress is also paid in using the best resources available to provide a more complete health policy which helps in preventing ailments and diseases in the first place. Recent emphasis is also paid on making the best use of limited hospital resources for patients and taking the help of NGOs wherever possible to deliver nursing care to patients at their doorstep.
In addition to nursing and health science studies, data collection and documentation skills are also sharpened so that proper research can be conducted and recorded. Various statistical models are also used to check and test the hypothesis among related and disparate events for the purpose of research of health sciences. The data collected through the health assessment goes through the process of clinical reasoning. In this process the student applies clinical decision making based on theories learnt, own self judgment based on the typical situation and basic problem solving skills using the information gathered during the health assessment carried out earlier. As the real life situations bring in various alterations to the same findings, a lot of stress is laid upon the variations to the nursing assessments.
Nursing students carry out the different processes of health care applying the theories of nursing care and interventions. While the sought after topics of study are drug estimation and administration, effective use of drugs and lifespan and lifestyle improvement.
The activities mentioned above introduce the nursing student to a strong foundation of the knowledge of the various aspects of a nursing role across the lifespan of a certain patient. Important topics like National Mental Health Plan, chronic diseases, advocacy, consumer participation, treatment and collaborative team models to provide nursing services, are also studied to understand the present need of innovation and up gradation in this field of science.

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