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Reflective Writing Assessment 1

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Word Count

600 words


Education and Teaching


3 Days

Assignment Criteria

In this assignment you are asked to do two tasks. Structure your assessment in report format with clear headings for each section. Include the following sections:

  • Table of contents
  • Introduction
  • Attainment of graduate attributes
  • Critical reflection on gaps in skills and knowledge
  • Conclusion
  • References
  • Appendix
  1. Complete Table 1 below using the units (at least 3) you have previously studied at SCU (500 words). You must provide evidence for all graduate attributes covered in your university studies so far. In this table, do not refer to units you are currently enrolled in.  Do not leave any section blank. In the 'My skill level' section, rate your current skill level from the following categories:  Novice, Advanced Beginner, Capable, Proficient or Expert. 

In your Appendix, you must include copies of the Graduate Attribute and Learning Outcomes tables from the Unit Information Guides (UIG) or SCU website for your three completed units. 

Table 1: Graduate attributes developed

Graduate attribute Unit code Examples of how I developed these attributes My skill level
Intellectual rigour: A commitment to excellence in all scholarly and intellectual activities, including critical judgement.
Creativity: An ability to develop creative and effective responses to intellectual, professional and social challenges.
Ethical practice: A commitment to sustainability and high ethical standards in social and professional practices.
Knowledge of a discipline: Command of a discipline to enable a smooth transition and contribution to professional and community settings.
Lifelong learning: The ability to be responsive to change, to be inquiring and reflective in practice, through information literacy and autonomous, self- managed learning.
Communication and social skills: The ability to communicate and collaborate with individuals, and within teams, in professional and community settings.
Cultural competence: An ability to engage with diverse cultural and Indigenous perspectives in both global and local settings.
  1. Critically reflect on your gaps in skills or knowledge associated with the graduate attributes (listed in Table 1). Discuss how you can develop your knowledge and skills to address these gaps through activities you plan to undertake outside of your university study. In your answer, also consider the impact that your approach to learning has on your plans to address your skills and knowledge development (300 words). You must include at least 2 scholarly references (refereed journals, book chapters and reputable organisation websites) in this section.
  2. Appendix. Include copies of the Graduate Attributes and Learning Outcomes tables for the three completed units discussed in this assessment.

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Assignment Solution

1. Introduction

In the current internationalised scenario students are viewed as consumers and products of higher education institutions (Mason O’Connor, Lynch & Owen 2011).  Encompassing the human capital theory into education, there is a strong association between educational output, workforce competitiveness and economic prosperity. This has given rise to the need for moulding students to become a multi-dimensional citizen rather than a potential worker. Higher education institutions have created a set of attributes that are considered to be outcomes of student experiences through university learnings. Graduate attributes are defined as 'qualities, skills and understandings' that students develop through their higher education and make them 'agents of social good' with contributions to their profession and society (Barrie 2004). This report reflects how I attained the set graduate attributes as a part of my under graduation in business with Southern Cross University (SCU). As a part of this reflection, I have identified gaps in my skills and action plans to improve those.

2. Attainment of Graduate Attributes

Out of the units covered as a part of under graduation, three units – Communication in Organisations (COM00207), Managing Organisations (MNG10247) and Economics for Decision Making (ECO10250) gave me ample experience in enhancing my skills. The following table lists out my experiences in attaining a specific graduate attribute and my present skill level.

Table 1: Attainment of Graduate Attributes

Graduate attribute Unit code Examples of how I developed these attributes My skill level
Intellectual rigour: 

A commitment to excellence in all scholarly and intellectual activities, including critical judgement.



 The teamwork involved in the project work to develop a marketing plan for an environmentally sustainable solution called aquaponics helped me to use critical thinking and problem-solving ability to identify the best solution out of various options available before us. This was achieved through utilising market research techniques learnt as part of the unit.  Advanced Beginner
Creativity: An ability to develop creative and effective 

responses to intellectual, professional and social challenges.

 MKT00075 To given an oral presentation on the contemporary marketing issue, I used library services and search engines to research journal articles and reports through keywords search.  I recommended a creative solution to overcome the issue.    Capable
Ethical practice: A commitment to sustainability and high ethical standards in social and professional practices.  MKT00075 As the project work in the marketing unit, I agreed to the idea of aquaponics, a sustainable and environmentally friendly solution suitable for the cities.  Capable
Knowledge of a discipline: Command of a discipline to enable a smooth transition and contribution to professional and community settings.  MKT00075


For the task to identify challenges faced by managers in the current business environment, I read various business publications about organisational evolution and managerial skills for effective business conduct. Further, I gained more knowledge about management concepts and research skills through the project work assessment.  Advanced Beginner
Lifelong learning: 

The ability to be responsive to change, to be inquiring and reflective in practice, through information literacy and autonomous, self-managed learning.




Group assessments helped me to overcome inhibition and hesitance and allowed me to interact openly with other students, some of them from different cultural backgrounds.  

As units comprised of group tasks containing reflective feedbacks on teamwork and self-reflective assessments, I had the chance to critically evaluate myself and other students. Feedbacks received as a part of this helped me to improve those areas which I lagged behind. 

Communication and social skills: 

The ability to communicate and collaborate with individuals, and within 

teams, in professional and community settings.




 Teamwork in group assessments helped me to think empathetically and listen to other’s opinions. It also offered me a platform to improve my spoken language skills. 

Assessment in marketing and economics assisted me in learning technological tools. I have learnt the use of word processing, presentation and spreadsheet tools. I have also learnt to use the Blackboard blog and wiki. The assessment has enabled my referencing skills with the users of online search engines and library databases. 

Cultural competence: An ability to engage with diverse cultural and Indigenous perspectives in both global and local settings.  COM00207 For an interview with an executive working in an organisation, I had to develop interview questions to understand how management theories are in correlation with the real-time environment. I learnt the preparation is important for the success of presenting oneself in the best manner. 

Working in teams as part of the curriculum allowed me to come out of my shell and interact openly with students from different countries following different cultures. Through informative videos and websites, I learnt how to interact with people from different countries without offending them with my behaviour. I found that cultural tolerance is essential for communication to be successful.

 Advanced Beginner

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