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Role of Consciousness in learning English

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Research Proposal

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2500 words


Education and Teaching


2 Days

Assignment Criteria

What is the role of Consciousness in learning English as the second language at the primary level in India?

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Assignment Solution


The research work will explore the role of consciousness in learning English as a second language at the primary level in India. According to the Indian Constitution, the children between the ages of 6 years to 14 years has the fundamental right to receive free and compulsory education, which is being provided mostly by government institutions of India (Mehrotra, 2012). Most Indian states have the schools that impart education in the regional language, and it has been found that English is introduced from class III or sometimes even from class V. Some parts of the country have not even included English as subject to the curriculum. This creates a drastic problem to the future of the child as the employment in India is primarily based on the culture of knowing the English language and which is considered to be the main criterion in some organisation. Therefore, the consciousness towards including English as the learning subject in primary schools, as learning the language from the base will help the children to gain more knowledge.

Research problem

The different State Governments of India have adopted a change in the education system of the country, which is the introduction of the English from class III or in some states from class V. This is a disaster to the life of the children living mainly in rural areas, where the people send their children to the free primary schools run by the governments as the parents are not able to bear the cost of education. As it has been observed by Azam, Chin, & Prakash (2013), the young children, if begin their course of learning English from their childhood, will be able to acquire the knowledge and skills towards their learning process. When it comes to consciousness, the problem is that in India at the primary level, students do not give much consideration to English as they remain unaware of its expediency at the global level. It also affects their conscious at a very large scale. The research is revolving around identifying the role of being conscious in learning English as a second language in the primary health set up in India. The identified problem is how conscious of children at the primary level can be awakened so that they can show their interest in learning English as a second language. 

Rationale and significance

The topic “The role of consciousness in learning English as the second language at the primary level in India, is important as it emphasises the importance of giving the knowledge of the language to the children at an early stage so that they will be able to learn it and gain proficiency in the language. The ignorance for considering English as a foreign language and not including it in the syllabus of the primary level of education in India has created a huge problem for the future generation of the country. As mentioned by Mehrotra (2012), all the higher education of India are continued in English, and even the government competitive exams are also conducted using the same language, so it is very important to make the inclusion of the English language in the primary level of education. The learning of English at the primary level will make the learning platform stronger for the young children and thus will not have to face a failure in their future studies.

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