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Thank you for sharing your piece with us, our review team is looking into it and will get back to you within the next two weeks.

Our editors work round the clock reviewing and editing the blogs, research papers and other academic content submitted by users. Here is a quick overview of how we check the content quality:

  1. We run the content through a plagiarism checking software to detect any duplication
  2. We run the content on Grammarly to identify any grammatical or structural errors
  3. We manually proofread the submission to ensure that it follows a logical flow
  4. We review the citations, bibliography, and annotations to verify the sources
  5. We also suggest changes and tweaks in the content to enhance its quality
  6. We might send the content back to the user for some edits. This back and forth is done via email
  7. We share the final draft with the user before we publish it.

Usually we revert back in a week with our feedback on the content submitted. But we are human after all, so there might be a few delays. Don’t worry though, we’ll make it worth the wait.

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