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Thank you for submitting your essay with us. Our review team is looking into it and will get back to you ASAP! Here is a short overview of the process we follow to check your submission:

  1. We check if your submission is in accordance with the essay writing rules of the competition.
  2. We review the content topic, abstract, the research proposal and the overall word count.
  3. We run the content through a plagiarism checking software.
  4. We then run the content on Grammarly to check for syntax errors.
  5. Our review panel of subject-matter experts then manually read your essay.
  6. Academic credibility, creativity and structure are the three main aspects we’re looking for.
  7. Finally, we’ll browse through the bibliography and reference list to cross-check and verify the citations.
  8. Note that high school candidates and college level candidates will be judged separately to maintain an equal playing field.

After meticulously checking your submission along these criterions, we will the pick the best essay of the lot. We get a lot of submissions over a short span of time, and our review team of academicians work round the clock to ensure that we read every submission. Please bear with us, if we send over our feedback a little late.

And don’t be disheartened if you cannot win the scholarship this year, try for the next year. We hope that this exercise encourages students to rediscover the joys of learning. Until then, don’t stop writing! Good luck! 😊

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