Which Part-Time Job Is Best Suited For International Students In Australia?

by Bella Williams June 22, 2020

The Various Parameters Involved In The Selection Of The Part Time Job-


The chance to supplement their meager pocket money is always a welcome relief for students. With the increasing costs of education doing part time jobs has become a necessity for most international students. This additional source of income can help them pay rent, pay their tuition fees or maybe even buy a crate of beer for that weekend of indulgence.

Glimpse of Working Life

Part time jobs helps the students get a glimpse into the working life. This allows them to decide if they want to work or pursue entrepreneurship after their course. Students can also learn some skills, which would surely help them in the long run.


Be organized

Students who want to organize their lives opt for part time jobs. Quoting a Manchester based student Harriet, “My friends now call me Miss Organized. I’ve learned a lot about managing my time and resources by juggling two jobs, studies and social life. At first it was hard to set up, but now I am well into my stride. And yes, I still go out clubbing on a Saturday night!”

Working Together

Many students are not sure when they are asked if they are a team player or if they prefer working alone. Working on a part time job helps the students understand the dynamics of working on a team and if it is forte or not.


Many students want to increase their skill sets, hence part time jobs help them a great deal in this aspect. For example  a Final-year business studies student can develop other skills while completing his/her  graduate studies. Stuart an international student in Germany has an  A* in German Studies. He works part-time as  German  translator thrice  a week to hone his German skills.




At the outset, this might sound a little strange but students are always on the look out for adventure. So a job that pays to have fun is the place for many students. For example a student who is an experienced trekker can always use his/her skills to rake in some extra moolah.

Make Contacts

Many students want to network with people from their relevant industry. Part time jobs help students to meet people working in the industry. It also might happen might that after their degree one of these part time jobs will help them to land a permanent job.


How To Select A Part-Time Job?


Adjustable Timinings

Part time jobs always remain a second priority for students because their first priority remains academics. So they are always in search of part time jobs where they can juggle between their college and their jobs.

How much a student can earn from a part-time job?

First, let us have a look at the various types of employment opportunities for international students in Australia-

xpected remuneration

International students working part time  can expect to get their  wages once a week, or in 14 days depending upon the understanding between them and their employer. The average gross wage for a student working part time is approximately AUS$15 per hour. But this can vary due a variety of factors, for example- The location, Your work Experience, Skilled or Non Skilled work etc.

The employer has to pay tax and superannuation on behalf of any part time employ that they have employed. An international student on a student visa is mostly allowed to maximum 20 hours of paid work per week during academic sessions. During the annual or a session break an International student on a work visa can work full time.

Job category as in the area in which students can seek employment

The areas in which the students can seek employment is as follows-

  1. Tutoring
  2. Hospitality
  3. Tourism
  4. Agricultural
  5. Sales and telemarketing
  6. Administration or Clerical jobs
  7. Retail


Legal rights of students

International students just like full time workers, enjoy certain basic rights at work.

  1. Rest periods and scheduled breaks
  2. A basic minimum wage
  3. A safe and healthy work environment
  4. Challenging of unfair termination from the job

The law also says your boss must have insurance for you in case you are hurt at work. This is called workers’ compensation. In Australia Part-time workers are legally covered by something known as an ‘award’. This ‘award’ sets minimum wages and conditions for a given field of work or industry.

Study Work Life Management Challenges And Solutions?

Challenges faced by students

Time Management

Managing  a full time college work load with a part time job can be a hectic affair for many students. Hence, they would need to prioritize  their activities because they cannot be everywhere at all times. Some tough decisions  need to be taken as in the Saturday night plans might have to take a back seat if you are planning to work on weekends.


Just like all good things in life, even money comes to an end really fast . The pay in terms of part time jobs can be limited so students are not able to budget their income and expenditure then they can be a financial mess.


The workplace can be quite an intimidating place for many first time part time workers. What if something goes wrong? Will they be in any legal tangle if things do not work out? International students without any or very little local knowledge can be in need of some professional guidance before joining or even looking out for part time work.

How to balance between your student life and work life?

Schedule your week

Not a day or two, but schedule your entire week and preferably a month in advance. This would make sure that your priorities are sorted out. Scheduling your work  makes life much easier for everyone.

Take reasonable workload

An old age proverb says-“ do not bite more than you can chew. So be reasonable when you are scheduling your work.Do not be overwhelmed with the work load, take it easy.


Always remember that academics will always remain your first priority. So never take any extra workload, especially during exam times no matter how lucrative the pay might be. Keep your focus and do let let part time job make you lose your mental peace. In the long run screwing up your academics for earning a few extra dollars will not be worth the effort.


Do not bite more than you can chew


Stay away from distractions

Do keep that phone in silent while working on an important assignment. The weekend trekking options must be quite tempting, but please remember that you are already juggling between a full time degree and a part time job. You can do everything and be everywhere the sooner you accept this fact the sooner you will be at peace with yourself.

Keep a limited social life

With all the rigors of academic life and part time work life can get quite hectic at times. So it is important that you have a shoulder to lean on during your tough times or at times when you are feeling low. With the paucity of time it is important that your social circle is tight knight and that you have people you can trust around you.

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