Why I loved My QUT Days?

by Bella Williams June 22, 2020

Students have different reasons for choosing the University they wish to be a part of. I have known since forever that I wanted to be a part of QUT, for reasons best known only to me. The choice was simple. I wanted a beautiful campus with world-class learning facilities and opportunities to grow. And voila! My dream came true when I made it to QUT.

There have been innumerable takeaways from the time that I spent as a part of the University. However, there are a few reasons that made life at QUT extremely memorable. Want to know what made my life at QUT so special? Find out below!

The Campus:

QUT Garden Point Campus

The campus of QUT is situated strategically in the heart of the city which proves to be blissful for international students like me. We had quick access to anything and everything we could ever need, which made life so much simpler for us as students.

One cannot simply describe the beauty of the campus in words, it would actually require emotions. One needs to witness it themselves. However, a faint attempt at describing it’s world means lush green lawns, great infrastructure to back world-class education, enough room for sports and other activities and scenic gardens for relaxation.


What Wikipedia Can’t Tell You About QUT Days


International Exposure:

International Students

Hailing from Denmark, it was important for me to gain an international exposure and QUT did not disappoint me there. Being one of the top Universities of the world, QUT attracted students from across the globe. It comprises of students belonging to all nationalities which gave me a chance to get to know about varied cultures. I can happily say that I have friends across the globe now, all thanks to QUT and its social environment.


Life at QUT Kelvin Grove campus

The kind of technology I witnessed at the University was unseen. Theoretical classes were made fun by coupling them with practical sessions. This helped us in a great way to not only understand the concepts explained in class, but also to be able to relate it with rational day-to-day situations.


What Wikipedia Can’t Tell You About QUT Days


Real-world courses were conducted from time to time wherein lectures conducted by renowned lecturers and assignment help experts from the world left us with numerous insights on various topics. We were also in close association with the researchers at the University and expert Australian assignment providers. I learnt how they made a real difference to the whole world at large.


QUT Gardens Theatre

The best part about QUT was that while it was particularly about academics, it never lets students compromise on their interests and passions. The spacious playgrounds were home to soccer players while welcoming social spaces attracted a large number of students looking to grab a bite over small conversations. The campus in general was so full of life and ebullient that it made all those who were a part of it feel at home. There was never a dull moment and never a time when I had nothing to do. My hands were always so full. There are countless memories to be cherished forever.

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