What is WMP?

WMP stands for “Word of Mouth Partnership” Program which is an earning as well as learning opportunity.  If your friends  or colleague  are studying in universities in Australia, USA, Canada, UK, Singapore, New Zealand, Hong Kong, Malaysia and Saudi Arabia then you can be a part this program. Not only friends, but even if you are capable of doing digital / real marketing and targeting the students in above mentioned countries, you can still be a part of this program.

How is this an earning opportunity?

In this program, you will be earning in proportion to the orders placed by customers coming from your reference i.e. For every order the customer (who came from your reference) places with us (even in the future) you get a proportionate amount in your PayPal account.

How is this a learning opportunity?

An email sending or a phone call is the simplest of ways in which you can tell your friends about our services which will certainly give you a pocket money amount, but if you want to earn handsomely and a recurring amount then you can choose to learn Internet Marketing from us. There are a lot of tools which you can use to increase your reach to not only your friends but also to other students. As a member of our WMP program you can take advantage of our internet marketing course which will introduce and train you with modern internet marketing tools. This course will be FREE for our WMP partners.

Word of Mouth Partnership

How it works?

  1. It all starts with you filling this form and telling us a bit about you. Please note that you need to have a PayPal account to be our partner.
  2. The WMP team will give you a confirmation notification, along with a unique code (WMP discount code) belonging to you.
  3. A detailed document docket will be sent to you so that you know about us and our service delivery in a better way. Remember that you might be asked questions about our service delivery by your friends when you are communicating with them.
  4. In all your communication with your friends, you will have to mention your WMP discount code and tell them to use this code in our discount section.
  5. When your friend mentions your WMP discount code while placing an order with us, he will be getting a flat extra discount of 10% on the total order amount. At the same time an exact (10% of your friend’s order value) amount will be credited to your WMP wallet, which will be reimbursed in your PayPal account at the end of every month.  This is not just applicable to the first order, but also to all the future orders your friend places with us. He just needs to mention your WMP discount code every time in order to avail 10% extra discount.
  6. The code issued to you will be in alpha numerals.

It’s Simple!!

Let us see with an example

Suppose your WMP code is EA12345. Now one of your friends comes through your reference and places an order with us of worth $200. If he mentions your WMP code while making payment on our website, he will be discounted $20 on this order and at the same time $20 will be credited to your WMP account. At the end of the month $20 will become in your PayPal account.  Now even after a month or a year,  the same friend orders another service from us about $350 (he will have to mention your WMP code), he will be discounted $35 and you will be credited with $35.




Benefits for you?

The WMP program is a perennial earning opportunity for you for your one time effort. It is also a learning opportunity as we will be teaching you about online marketing tools which you can use to your benefit and increase the results of your efforts.

Important links?

  1. Check the WMP introduction video.
  2. Fill your candidature form.


3 Easy steps to start earning straight away!

Word of mouth partnership program Step 1

Get started by filling this form.

Word of mouth partnership program step2

Recommend your friends for our services

Word of mouth partnership program

Get money in your PayPal account







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