Abstarct analysis on spirituality death and pallative care

by Lucy Coyle February 12, 2016
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Aim of assessment

The aim of this assessment is to provide you with an opportunity to learn more about cultural aspects of death and dying. It will assist you to consolidate nursing theory and clinical practice for effective transition to the professional nursing workforce.


This assessment requires you to:

  1. Create a poster and
  2. Write an abstract (500 words)

Your poster will represent the significance of culture in the context of palliative care nursing. You will need to choose one aspect of culture as the focus of your poster. For the purposes of this assessment, culture is considered broadly and could include spirituality, gender, sexuality, age, ethnicity etc.

The poster will have an innovative title and be constructed on cardboard (approx. 60cm x 90cm) using a variety of media (for example: paper, paint, crayons, drawing, collage). The poster should not contain text – instead you should use images, colour, texture and shape to create your representation of the significance of one aspect of culture in palliative nursing care.

It will be important to the quality and cohesiveness of your poster and abstract that you engage in reading prior to creating your poster. Initially, you might also find it beneficial to reflect on your clinical experiences to generate ideas for your poster. Remember, your poster needs to represent one aspect of culture that is significant to palliative care nursing.

Once you have completed your poster, you will be required to write a 500 word abstract that explains and justifies the various aspects/elements of your poster.

No bibliography is required for this assessment, unless you use images that require referencing. If so, please include your reference list under your abstract.

Photograph your poster and insert the image into a word document, then add your abstract, reference list if required and Adult Release Form, if required.




Terminal illness and pending death invokes an individual mind towards a spiritual term during his last life. Such individuals re-examine their own faith and belief to pass peacefully. For this reason, inclusion spiritual practices during their illness get first priority in terminally ill patients. From Christianity point of view, death is a synthesis of sin and leads to temporary separation of body and soul(DEPICTION IN PICTURE 1- LEFT TOP ). It is considered as second term by entering into eternal life and renouncing the earthly mortal life. This implies, the patient in palliative care might look upon the disease as sin and suffering as fruits of sin. This could lead to feelings of guilt and low self-morale. Therefore, from a palliative care nursing point of view, while respecting patient belief every intervention must target towards upliftment of patient morale (PICTURE 2) (RIGHT TOP).

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Christian patients lying on the verge of death might exhibit anxiety and restlessness as they believe post death soul has to go hell or heaven. The decision to be taken by Christ based upon the good deeds or bad deeds an individual committed in his/her lifetime. Report shows Christians believe in “good death “which can be achieved through forgiveness and compensating sins with good work (Coward and Stajduhar, 2012).(PITURE 1)

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