Leading And Learning Assessment Task 2

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Word Count

2000 words




3 Days

Assignment Criteria

Task description:

This assessment requires you to apply leadership and learning  skills, by reflecting on and thoughtfully responding to clinical  scenarios. There are two parts, designed to allow feedback on  your individual progress.

What you need to do:

Part one requires you to read through the RN short stories in  Gordon's (2010) When chicken soup isn't enough (available  online as QUT library eBook), and identify a single scenario that  you find significant and challenges your thinking as a beginning  student nurse.  

Write a short personal reflection (500 words  maximum) that explores: 

Why you identify with that story as significant – personal  values, assumptions and beliefs 

The issues raised for you and your professional development  as a student nurse, and 

How your preferred leading and learning style might influence  your response if faced with a similar situation in clinical  practice 

Part two builds on your short reflection (1500 words maximum):  

Develop an action plan, supported with evidence based literature, to address the issues raised for your  personal development as a leader and learner. 

Your essay should (with approximate word limits): 

Provide a brief introduction outlining the structure of the  essay (50 words). 

Include a revised short personal reflection (from part one)  based on your tutor's feedback (500 words) 

Develop and discuss clear strategies for each of the  leadership challenges identified, supported with evidence based literature (800 words) 

Draw some key conclusions about what you have learned  from the unit assessment (150 words)  

Your assignment should be well-referenced. As a guide, you  should have cited at least 10 journal articles for part two.

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Assignment Solution


The essay is based on the short stories of Gordon. The chosen scenario is using the card system to avoid assault and abuse of nurses. The story displays the challenges a nurse could confront while at work. The emphasis is on leadership-related challenges and strategies.

Reflection bases on the feedback from the Tutor:

Significance of the story (Values, assumptions, and Beliefs):

The feedback gave me an insight into the approach towards understanding the scenario. The essence of values in comparison with injustices would have helped to highlight the issue. This approach would give me scope to use the tactic in another opportunity to write. Another technique to describe the requirement would be to break the event with the question (D, 2012). The acme of the story could be thus interpreted. I have a guideline to represent the zenith of a story, based on values.

Issues related to me and my professional development as a Nurse:

The tutor feedback highlighted the gap. The gap lies in relating the event of injustice with my professional development. Understanding team intelligence in the health care sector is essential. The event in the story was tackled with the help of team spirit. The story highlighted the importance of communication and empowerment. As a student, I realise that communication is vital. It helps to tackle critical situations with patients and support them to be receptive to treatment (Curtis, 2012). Communication acts as a link to create a team spirit. Empowerment would support me in performing my duties.

Leading and Learning style:

The staple of the assessment is to impart a leading and learning style. The story gives a pathway to indoctrinate a learning and leadership style. 

My learning and leading style:

I am focussed on outcomes. I have a positive orientation toward success. I believe success is possible, and the time limit is framed by the individual’s efforts and action plan. At times, I have exhibited a fixed mindset with respect to learning outcomes that are expected. My positive attitude has helped me try a different approach to ensure learning outcomes are achieved. In the workplace, I believe in doing it right the first time and hence have had opportunities to mentor peers. 

Strategies to Embrace Difficult situations in the workplace as a student:

  • I would embrace the Dweck Growth mindset. This would support me in developing the right attitude towards learning (Downey M, 2012). 
  • I would visualise a scope of improvement and the right strategies for the expected outcomes. I would be focused on mastery and build myself with constructive criticism (D'Souza, 2013).
  •  I would exhibit values that would help to ensure an effective workplace culture. I would have a shared vision with my workplace policies and exhibit leadership qualities when needed (Farley, 2010).

I have accepted the truth that patients could not always be receptive to treatment. 

  • My first step would be to build a team spirit in me.
  • I would clinch to shared work culture and communication difficulties with peers and superiors.
  • This would help me put the best efforts with strategies that could be devised along with my team (Gantz, 2011).
  • I would have an action plan to confront learning difficulties.

Thus, I would ensure the patients are given constant care with the right approach. This would lead the situation and events to be in control to perform my work.

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