An Appraisal Of A Case Scenario For Rendering Social Care

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Assessment Type

Case Study

Word Count

1000 words




2 Days

Assignment Criteria

Select one of the case study.

  • Draw on the Rothman and Sager model (1998, p. 25, attached in document) which can be used to inform a casework or a case management approach
  • Identify and describe the nature and scope of the practice context involved
  • Identify the relevant approach that you will use, that is, casework/case management, or both and why (Refer Hepworth et al.,2013, pp 35-44) – for an example of the stages of the 'helping process' regarding direct casework)
  • Articulate the underpinning principles guiding your intervention plan/strategy
  • Undertake a literature search of the context and the issues involved, identifying some of the key challenges in working within this context. Within the report, you are expected to make links to the goal of the intervention plan/strategy.

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Assignment Solution


The present case report will address the various interventions strategy to rehabilitate Greg, a 14-year-old Aboriginal young man who has been charged with stealing cars and had been in the detention centre. He has been chroming for 9 years of age and history suggests that he has also been a victim of child abuse and neglect.  Recently, one of Greg’s friends has committed suicide and was assumed to be under the influence of drug abuse. Greg is a sharp and intelligent boy and is known for his leadership qualities in his group. The community, to which Greg belongs, have been involved in gambling and boozing, which has impacted the young generation of the community, including Greg.

The recent demise of his friend has made him terribly shocked and depressed. In fact, after the demise of his friend, Greg was missing for a few days and returned home under the heavy influence of alcohol. The community of Greg is very worried and are apprehending more cases of suicide under the present scenario of youth in the family. 

I run the sole family support in this community and provide necessary intervention with my social services backup. Till now I and my team have provided rehabilitation support to individuals having issues of drug abuse, chromic or who have been a prey of child abuse and neglect. The array of services my team offers is to ensure adequate schooling awareness and involvement of individuals in community development programs.

Being aware of the situation and belonging to the social care group in the community I would intervene in this situation. I would ensure a combination of social casework and case management approach to address the situation of Greg. The underlying care approach would be governed by Rothman & Sager's (1998) model of the inculcation of positive behaviour and mature defence mechanisms. My intervention will be the Step up as directed by the principles of the UN Convention on Rights of Persons with Disabilities (2014). If Greg shows all the signs of exhibiting positive behaviour towards society, he should be provided equal opportunities in the society should be non-discriminated and must enjoy dignity, autonomy and complete inclusion in societal environment irrespective of his past actions.

I would intervene with person-centric care wherever possible and would set up a rehabilitation plan for Greg. I would involve the social care team based on the principles of SWAN-AU. The guiding principles of my action would be to maintain the dignity of Greg and his family, without the fear of humiliation or retaliation. Further, I would approach the health care team, legal and local inhabitants to address the issue of Greg (

Initial Contact and Involvement with the Situation

I was apprised of the situation initially by an elder member of the community. He invited me along with a justice group, including the local administrative members and officials of the legal force. The meeting took place in the community settings and involved other elder members who actively runs the community development program.  Everybody shared their opinion and the possible help that could be rendered by each and every member who participated in the meeting.

The issue that I noticed during the meeting was the serious level of concern prevailing amongst the elder members of a family, including that of Greg’s. As far as I remember, I attended such community meetings earlier also regarding the growing prevalence of alcoholism and chroming, but I have never seen such serious concern within this group. Moreover, the members of the justice group and the members of the community development program were eager to co-operate on any measures or actions that would benefit the young generation of that community. Even the officials from the law and the legal department ensured enough flexibility in treating such individuals, even with a criminal background. The meeting provided me with enough confidence that my actions or interventions would be deeply encouraged by the members of the community and the family members (Gursansky, Kennedy & Camilleri, 2012).

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