Are Intimate Friendships Between Men And Women Possible?

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Are intimate friendships between men and women possible? If so, are there obstacles that need to be negotiated?

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Friendship is a beautiful bond on this earth, and it is based on very simple terms and behaviour aspects. However, in the case of friendship between men and women, the complexities in the friendship can be increased due to various reasons (Marcus, 2009; pp. 24-27). Attraction towards each other is very common, but the possibilities of attraction increase during intimate friendship. It is next to impossible that women and men can remain in an intimate friendship relation. In the current report, it has been investigated whether a man and a woman can remain in an intimate, friendly relation. Obstacles that can prevent men and women from being in normal friendship has also explored in the study.

The major thought behind the men and women relationship is that it is driven by psychological factors. Psychologically when people spend lots of time with another sex, then it is common that friendship converts into affection and attraction. This common theory rejects the fact that men and women can remain in an intimate, friendly relation. It could be treated as heterosexual love friendship paradox. Another mainstream factor is that the role of society is also immense in the thought process of men and women (Blatterer, 2016; pp. 68-73).  Whenever men and a women share close friendship relationship, they are always judged as couples and proximity of taking them as so-called love-birds is very high (SOC315, Lecture Week 5). It creates a different thought process inside men and women and automatically leads towards the disturbing relationship. To make it worst, the introduction of social media has also eradicated the depth of friendship (Marcus, 2009). Young age people are often misguided by the term friendship as it is easily available at social networking sites. New terms like friend-zoned, unfriend and so on have taken place. It indicates towards the different thought process, and it has become very casual relation. The confusion arises with the use of terms like best friends, a true friend and close friend. What is the actual difference between these terms is still a question on the ground of behavioural aspects (Blatterer, 2016; pp. 73-77). Due to cross-sex friendships platforms, it is possible that men and women can remain in friendship without falling for each other.

Further, the nature of an individual is also responsible for converting the friendship into love or attraction between men and women. It is a very common scenario that men and women who are completely opposite to each other usually attract. It again indicates the psychological process. An intimate friendship between men and women depends on the likings and disliking of each other. The discussion also includes the fact that the impact of both men and women on each other also matters most. If the men and women compliment each other very well, then there are very fewer chances or possibility that men and women can continue to share intimate friendship (Good C. , 2015). However, personal selection and prioritising is one element that can separate both men and women and can break their friendship.

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