Australian Society, Systems and Policies

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Word Count

2800 words


Health systems & Policies


4 Days

Assignment Criteria

Written Essay

You are required to write one 2000 word essay that describes and analyses one topic drawn from weeks 5 – 9 about a particular field of social policy, society perceptions and the relevance for real world practice.

You are required to select one of the topic areas from Weeks 5-10 as the focus for your essay.

You will respond to the Question 'Are we Equal?'

Apply your knowledge and developing critical analysis and research skills to establish a logical, influential and cohesive argument on a policy topic related to the course …

And use a sound persuasive argument to put forward a position

Week 5: Who benefits from health and education in Australia?

Week 6: Who benefits from health and education in Australia?

Week 7: Who benefits from superannuation and other tax expenditures?

Week 8: Who benefits from the housing system?

Week 9: Employment in Australia: do we still have a ‘wage earner’s welfare state?

Week 10: Social security policy in Australia

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Health infrastructure is the major components of societal development, and with the help of the innovative health care delivery system, the life expectancy of the individuals are eventually increased. With time, due to the complex environment and inadequate nutritional planning, there are several critical diseases took place within individuals such as diabetes, obesity and heart disease (Alston, 2007). Thus, it is imperative to provide an extraordinary health framework that would serve the community to maintain the balance of societal development, which will result in sustainability of health care development. The regulatory authority of Australia provided several initiatives for the development of health infrastructure and policies to maintain adequate health facilities for the individuals. This particular essay will illustrate the persistent issues within the care system and policies in Australia and available treatment intervention systems that evolve the development of better health care infrastructure (Baashar, Robertson, & Mulders, 2015). 

In these recent times, healthcare quality is receiving supreme international attention as it is the fundamental essence of overall infrastructure development of the country.  To maintain and development standard, health care infrastructure, several factories such as enhanced technological innovation and modernised health care support system building must be executed by the authorities. Since the time of globalisation, there is a continuous debate going on regarding the existing gap between the optimal level of safety and quality healthcare system in Australia (Baines, Hill, & Garrety, 2014). The effective performance measurement showcase that there is some existing challenge of enhanced healthcare infrastructure implementation and these gaps have to be minimised in order to achieve sustainability. The expertise and experience of healthcare professional play an important to deliver the best support high-quality care. However, the wide range of social policies and health care framework model has been provided by the regulatory authorities of Australia to achieve health sustainability, and the critical analysis has been carried out in this study.

Health infrastructure Australia 

According to the health intervention data of 2011-12, about 90% of the adults in Australia are not eating enough vegetables, and only 45% were eating enough fruit for optimum level of nutrition in comparison to the NHMRC nutrition guidelines. On the other hand, about 1 million Australians are suffering from diabetes and around 60% of the entire population as per the Australian health survey results (Biggs, Nixon, & Horne, 2014).

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