Becoming A Social Worker

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Assessment Type

Critical Essay

Word Count

1500 words




4 Days

Assignment Criteria

Assignment 1 further details: 10-12 minute video and 1500 word written critical reflection

This sheet provides some additional information regarding your first assignment (the basic details are found in your Unit Guide, which is in the Information section of the Cloud site for this unit). 

This assignment asks you to role play a scenario (10-12 minutes) and then provide a 1500 word analysis of it, drawing on social work theories and skills learnt in this unit.

You may choose from the role play scenarios provided in your Learning Resources, or make up your own scenario.

You will play the role of the social worker, and you will need to find a volunteer to play the role of the client.  

Either at the beginning of your video, or in the introduction to your written analysis, you should provide a very brief description of the context of the interview: whether you are meeting the person for the first time or in later stages, the type of agency setting in which you're meeting, and any basic information that you think is important about the client.  You can set your role play at any stage of the social work process. Also please introduce yourself by saying your name.

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Assignment Solution

Assignment 1: 10-12 minute video transcript

Social worker role play scenario:

Me: Hello there, I'm —   from the local council responsible for dispensing social care in your area. I'm a qualified social worker and counsellor. Please tell me how I can help you?

Client: Hi…I'm __ from ___. I want to know if I could get some advice from you?

Me; Oh of course, please tell me what I can do for you?

Client: There are problems in my family…things are not good as it is….there are problems between me and mu husband. Over multiple things, but I'm really worried the state my family life is heading to.

Me: Please tell me more.

Client: I'm afraid I'm really scared to reveal everything right here…to stranger….if things get out of hand revealing it to a third person will only make it worse.

Me: No, not really….as a qualified social worker I'm legally obliged to find out if there are any serious dangers, risks or threats to your well-being and safety…plus I'm legally obliged to maintain all actions to ensure full confidentiality if that helps you in protecting yourself or your family.

Client: No, it’s not only about my safety or well-being. I'm also worried that taking too much action or too many steps may break apart my family and spoil my marriage…..I'm afraid my children will get affected by it which I don't really want to. 

Me: Please try to understand that not revealing it or not approaching professional help may actually make it worse to a point where it might become too late to take remedial or corrective action. 

Client: My husband has been laid off from his job in the factory for the last 2 months. He always had problems with alcohol. Recently he got a job as a temporary worker at a construction site that is 30 km away from where we live. He has carried on with his alcoholism and that combined with his daily long travel leads him grumpy and irritable. I myself have only a part-time job and that leaves me with little time to manage the household. I suffer from depression as well because of our stressful financial situation and the stress of having to raise 2 young children.

Me: I understand, I'm really sorry about your family's situation. Please tell me more about how it is causing tensions in your family? Does your husband misbehave with you?

Client: Well…um…I wouldn't perhaps call it misbehaving…I don't know..

Me: Please tell me exactly what happened or some incidents that transpired between yourselves.

Client: Well after coming back from work he usually drinks quite a lot….4 beers, 5 beers, almost every night, sometimes whisky.  This has been going on for the last 3-4 months and…

Me: You should have approached us earlier! Anyway, please continue.

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