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Business Ethics


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Assignment Criteria

Part A:  

(Make an original post between 200-300 words for the below question and reading the relevant number BP). On the part B you can see how people how made comments for this post. 

  1. Ethics right now is a hot topic. Is this focus sustainable?
  2. How would you discuss the question of ethics at interview-examples you would use?

Part B: 

Choose ONLY ONE of the below comments that have made by fellow students and make a comment about 50-100 words). 


1.Ethics is sustainable as long as an organisation can commit to a robust  coporate social responsibility strategy .Most businesses are no longer assessed on the ability to meet their customer needs but on the manner of delivering and how it affects the society and the environment .

2.The question of ethics can be addressed by making sure that an interviewee explains how he or she would execute duties that meet the policy of the company and whether there is any code of conduct in place that would not tarnish the organisation’s reputation.


Ethics is important in business today. If there is an instant where ethics is an issue in business there is a much larger platform where employees can voice their concern using social media. For example the issue with Bronwyn Bishop had a massive impact on the government and was terminated in her role as speaker. This event has promoted change when looking at government spending in this sector.
Focus on ethics needs to be sustainable due to the integrity of employees. Being an ethical company works to their advantage as it is seen by others as reliable and honest.

Discussing ethicsat an interview should only be discussed in a postivie way. Being able to discuss the companies ethics or mission statement to allign with your own shows employers that you are the right fit for the company.


Ethics is definitely a hot topic right now and I do not think it will be cooling down anytime soon. With the advent of the internet as the marketplace for business, companies are under far closer public scrutiny than before, and the society is demanding ethical conduct. Social media has given the public a much louder voice in this new highly interactive business community and it is therefore becoming much harder for organisations to ignore their demands.

Most research seems to suggest that ethics must be tackled more at a corporate than individual level, as the company culture has more impact on behaviour than individuals ethics. In an interview it would probably be useful to demonstrate an understanding of, and interest in  the company culture and ethics and to discuss how your own personal ethics would not only be a good fit, but help strengthen a socially responsible corporate culture. 


  1. Ethics right now is a hot topic. Is this focus sustainable?

Personally, I believe that the focus on ethic is sustainable. Ethic has become a major issue in the business world in recent years, so much that organisations are investing in ethical classes for their employees and managers are also enforcing ethical standards on a daily basis. The oxford dictionary defines Ethics as the moral principals that govern a person's behavior or the conduction of an activity.  Ethics is one of the key issues that are often debated. I certainly believe that being a Christian has provided some of the fundamental basis of my ethical views and in making decisions. It has helped me to define what is right from wrong and what is good and acceptable in society. Because the bottom line is that ethics is about right and wrong, fairness and unfairness. 

Studies have proved that, a majority of people, respond to situations based on circumstances in their environment and the standards that are set by their leaders. Recognising the importance of ethic and ethical culture by leaders within the workplace means that the focus on ethic is sustainable. I certainly believe that the strength of such sustainable measure lies in the ethical culture of the organisation. And to the extend where the organisation makes doing the right thing a priority for all involved.

  1. How would you discuss the question of ethics at interview-examples you would use?

With the changing trend and a huge focus on ethics, all organisations are investing and giving a higher priority to more ethical working environment. Organisations today are being more ethical when hiring people with ethical background on a universal level. Because the concept of ethics is getting wide spread attention, there is always that one ethical interview question that stands between you and the organisation ethical views. 

At an interview I will possibly discuss questions that talks about the dishonesty of other employees.

Example: If another employee was caught doing something dishonest, what will I do? I believe that by law all employees have moral and legal obligations whiles at work. I personally will advice the employee that what they are doing is wrong and that it will cost the organisation money. And if the situation does not improve I will then take it to the team leader or higher-level management. 


Nowadays, there are some interest same between the company and consumers, and something are different, especially between business interests and the interests of consumers, the interests of business and competitors. Therefore, the company observe the good ethics in business activities, it means the company should not seek to maximize their own interests, they needs care about the interest of all consumers.

In the interview, I think I will focus on this topic, it is because the company has good ethic and they can get good reputation, they can win more consumers.

Part C: 

(This is for the expert's knowledge and example only; this is how fellow students make comment for part B). 

RE: Ethics 

you are right Kerri-Anne about the internet becoming a weapon of exposure for peopl’s unethical’s way. In a way no one is safe any more. And the reality is also that what you think is ethical might not be what the other person see’s as ethical, it depends on perceptions. That is where people fail the ethical tests.

my one concern is that with job markets getting harder and harder to enter, it might also be hard to express yourself upfron as tthis might threaten the employment pospects. companies will hire someone that aligns with them as you have mentioned , rather than different views etc.

Hi i thought i should respond to your topic since you kindly commented on mine.

It is interesting that religion plays a bigger role in your ethical views. It is similar to mine as well, with my religious background as well. The way people respond to ethical situations is determined by many things like even education, the fact that we know some things, will make us question what is good or bad, even travelling and meeting different societies etc. It is very interesting.

Good post and research on job market and ethics.

I like your point that if companies has good ethics it will atract customers and make a good reputation in a job market.

keep it up.

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Assignment Solution

Ethics (BP2)

Part A:

Ethics right now is a hot topic. Is this focus sustainable?

In a business ethics will only prove to be effective when management of the business is able to fulfill the needs of the society through which they extract resources. In order to fulfill this aspect, it is essential for the business to fulfill their corporate social responsibility. This aspect followed by business is going to keep their ethics, sustainable (Ferrell & Fraedrich, 2014). This will be enhancing the overall community in which they undertake their operations and will be delivering the functioning in such a manner that both society and environment is benefited out of it. Sustainability in ethics is also going to lay down improvement in the overall operations of an enterprise and is also going to lay down effect on how employees undertake their activities. Sustained focus laid down on ethics is going to enhance the integrity of the employees and will be beneficial for the business as it is going to enhance staff reliability and honesty. 

How would you discuss the question of ethics at interview-examples you would use?

In the present era, it has been identified that the organization has been spending lots of capital for enhancing overall ethical working environment  (De George, 2011). It is because the organization wants to be sustainable in the market and this will be possible only when all ethical policies of the organization all followed in an effective manner.

One of the interview questions that will be discussed with me will be regarding the unethical practice followed by employees while undertaking corporate social responsibility activities (CSR).

Example: Within the business, it has been found that one of the employees looking after CSR activities is using the funds allocated for its personal use. Being the finance manager of the enterprise I will be warning the employee that it should not be practiced anymore. However, if such practice will be continued from his end, then I will be informing such practice pursued by staff to the top level management.

Part B:

One of the comments stated by a fellow student indicates that social media has become a platform were unethical practices followed by an organization can be raised. It is truly said that it is becoming an effective channel that can be used by public or consumer for raising their voice and showing the true picture of the enterprise. It is a medium that will be helping out individuals to communicate their message to the larger audience indicating the unethical practice followed by an organization. 

Creativity (BP5)

Part A:

If you could implement one idea from your university studies to the workplace what would it be?

If I will be asked to put in one of my university learning at my workplace then it will completely be focusing upon the team building. For an organization to grow in an appropriate manner it is very crucial to build appropriate teams that are led by an appropriate manager. For building an appropriate ream, there is a need for a leader who can hold back the team in a significant and this can only be possible if the team leader is committed and motivated towards their work. Implementation of effective teams within the business is going to enhance the overall efficiency and effectiveness of the enterprise (Dyer & Dyer, 2013). This is even going to boost up the morale of employees towards greater responsibility while undertaking the decision-making process within the enterprise. Teamwork also increases flexibility and enhances creativity within the business.

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