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Business Management


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Q 1. What challenges would you anticipate in creating a  shared vision for this changed organization? 

Q 2. What internal and external environmental factors  should you consider in carving out a multicultural  leadership path that will support the success of your  organization? 

Q 3. How might you need to work differently to cultivate  the organizational support within the different business  units that is necessary to ensure the success of your  multicultural leadership effort? 

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Assignment Solution

Q 1. What challenges would you anticipate in creating a shared vision for this changed organisation? 

The leader faces several challenges while creating a shared vision for the changed organisation. In this progressing world, creating the prerequisite for shared values in an organisation and sharpen the understanding in the direction of cultural differences, is one of the main challenge (Kohler 2016). It needs vision, mental involvement, empathy, as well as sincere attention in cultural diversity in order to unlock a complete understanding of the performance drivers of the organisation that motivate the multicultural staff. One biggest challenge for generating shared vision involves imbibing the value of continuous learning of cross-culture, and growth drivers such as open-mindedness, organisational unity and positive change (Kohler 2016). The other challenges include socio-economic and political status, religion, communication, linguistic differences, attitudes to authority and hierarchy.

Q 2. What internal and external environmental factors should you consider in carving out a multicultural leadership path that will support the success of your organisation? 

Awareness of the external and internal environmental factors is essential for every organisation as it drives organisational change (Shriberg & Shriberg 2011). The awareness of these factors is a crucial leadership capability, particularly in conditions of cultural diversity. Internal factors are exactly opposite to the external factors. Internal factors are usually under management control (Pasmore 2014). Some of the examples of internal factors include beliefs and values, organisation environment, organisational structure, style of problem-solving, commitment, assets, financial strength and management. The internal factors will assist in understanding the values and position to work effectively with other cultures (Shriberg & Shriberg 2011). The external factors that are not under the control of management include market, economic condition, communication style, political, legal, technology, and media (Yen 2015). However, understanding of these factors will help managers to understand legal requirements as well as operating environments regulations in a better way.

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