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Managing Organisations Resubmit Assignment

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Word Count

500-800 words


Managing Organisations


3 Days

Assignment Criteria


You are to write a reflective essay (500-800 words) on one of the following topics –

  • Why I did not make a satisfactory effort on Assignment 2
  • How I made a satisfactory effort on Assignment 2 (but did not get recognised for it). 

Marks: 20 (refer to the marking criteria below). Note that a minimum of 10 marks is required to pass the assignment; and therefore the unit. 

This assignment has two purposes. Firstly, it encourages you to make an honest assessment of your personal contribution to the assignment. Identifying the reasons why you are in this position (i.e. having to complete a resubmit assignment) will hopefully encourage you to make a greater effort on future 'group' projects. The second purpose is help me, as the Unit Assessor, better understand the key challenges of the assignment from a student's perspective.

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Assignment Solution


I have tried to reflect upon my non-submission of Assignment 2 in the subject of Managing Organisations. I have explained why the previous assignment was not done, evaluated the reasons, the mistakes I made and how I can rectify those mistakes. I have tried to evaluate it from the perspective of management and communication theories in order to link it to my subject knowledge.

The problem – why did I not do Assignment 2

I was aware that an assignment had to be done, and there was a submission due. But I had misunderstood that it was a group assignment and that it would be done by a team member. I did not re-check before the date of submission and failed to submit it before the deadline. As a result, I was not able to secure the required qualifying marks. The reflection below is an evaluation of this action and the future course of action that I should take.

Evaluation of myself and an Interpretation

It is always essential to clearly read the guidelines and then do an assignment. Once the assignment was sent by the tutor, I should have discussed with my team members and checked who was going to do the assignment and my role in it. If this question had been asked by me, my team members would have clearly informed me that it was not a group assignment and that I had to do it on my own. 

I further contemplated and understood that my approach towards each responsibility conflicts at times. While I think deeply and my thought processes always have a clear methodology of working, in other aspects, I tend to ignore the steps to be followed and decide based on assumptions. This episode clearly made me understand how miscommunication plays a role in creating issues in an organisation. When the right questions are not asked the right persons, it gives a scope for the assumption. In this case, I assumed that it was a group assignment, and that resulted in my loss of marks. 

As I used communication theories as a basis to reflect upon, it further helped me realise how working in an educational institution is similar to that of a corporate organisation. Every communication theory talks about how there has to be a source of communication, and there has to be a destination – that is, from where the communication finds a response (Sebok, 2015). In this case, both the source and the destination was me. I merely came up with a thought and made a decision myself without any further checking. It is this lack of application from my end that resulted in the 'miscommunication'. 

Course of future action required

I would henceforth ensure that any assignment, project or any other role allocated for that matter is verified with more than one party. I would read the guidelines provided by the tutor and then accordingly complete the task allocated.

I should also make sure that I talk to my peers, understand how they are going about the assignment, which would give me better clarity of my approach. This would also make my communication within the institution better, I would be able to build better rapport with my peers, and I will be able to gain a deeper understanding of the subject. 

Any assignment – both group and individual give us a sense of how organisations are managed. Like every organisation, proper processes, clear communication through the right channels, planning and execution according to the plan is needed. Going forward, my strategy would be this:

  1. I would first receive the assignment and read through the guidelines
  2. I would devise a course of action and plan when I would complete the overall solution.
  3. I would then check with my peers and make sure my course of action is similar or in lines with what they have planned to do (Karen R. Harris, 2015).
  4. Based on this discussion, I will then revise the course of action if I have to or else proceed with the plan.
  5. I will complete the assignment as per plan, review it and then save the final copy.
  6. The submission will be made in the mode prescribed within the deadline.

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