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Business Report on Eagle Valley Health Food Pty. Ltd.

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Word Count

1000 words


Business Report


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Assignment Criteria

Write a 1000 word Business Sustainability Report for Eagle Valley Health Foods Chief Executive Officer, Mr Martin Clifton, in which you make specific recommendations, based on your research, about how he company can become more sustainable.

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Assignment Solution


This study is depicting a business report on Eagle Valley Health Food Company. It analyses the possible ways that ensure the long sustainable journey of this company in the industry. This organisation is associated with the selling of snack bar made of cereal, nut or fruit. The exception of this company lies in its focus on the health of people (Pedersen, 2015). The products are basically health-oriented. This is a three years old company, and it has earned a little profit within these three years of business. 

Findings and discussion:

Corporate social responsibility is actually corporate consciousness. This is associated with the responsibility of work in a business. Delivery of job with implemented version and skill is required in this aspect.

Current actions:

Eagle Valley Health Food Company is willing to enhance its business propensity. The main ambition of this company is to create self-importance in the market. In order to do so, the strategic department of this company needs to plan some strategy. The following strategies are in compliance with this organisation that will help in creating long sustainability in the industry:

  • CSR initiatives
  • Substantial investment in the sector
  • Developed a CSR profile and advanced Operating System(Okpara, 2013).

As this organisation is food concerned, the main purpose should be associated with the safety of food. Thus, the chief head of the organisation focuses on adopting a primitive solution. The operations of this organisation are mainly associated with sorting out the limitations and to resolve those accordingly. Therefore, innovation is required to attempt implementation. This implementation is about the improvisation of the technology that contributes to production. This attempt will inevitably help this organisation having a beneficial impact. However, it is in a refined way that keeps balances on the social requirement and the purpose of the company accordingly.


Some limitation related to the integration and prosperity of this organisation is listed below:

  • Limited CSR scope
  • Limited fund
  • Increased electricity bills and the water consumptions

Some of the identified constraints of the company include the non-availability of enough CSR policies. This is further inclined with not having enough funds for being within the growing stage(Pedersen, 2015). The demand of the product creates in marked based on its innovation that directly differentiates its value from others. This organisation puts emphasis on the maintenance of quality to keep up proper health. That is the reason this organisation has received proper acceptance at the very beginning in the market. However, increased electricity bills and the limited funds are the identified barriers in the firm's advancement in being termed as an ideal socially responsible brand.

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