Communication Critical Position Project-Exhibition Catalogue

by David Thompson February 29, 2016
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-Identify and discuss key social ,politicaland cultural precedents of contemprorary art and design through ivestigation of case studies

-Develop and apply skills in ctiticism ,interprative analysis and witting

-Show an understanding of mechanisms of change and their implications for creative practices



Life is a story. And the characters are the people. The experiences of characters, through different phases in life, form the basic plot-line of the story. There is love, friendship, animosity, hatred, disgust, romance, et al. These interwoven fabrics of emotions are the screenplay of life-the movie. High school is one phase of life, where a gamut of emotions isrealized by a teenager. In movies, which are a slice of realities of life played out on 70 mm screen, some of them have beautifully captured these emotions.The exhibition that I present here, documents movies having a recurrent theme of high school experience of teenagers in Hollywood. There have been many of them, but I choose a few, based on the characters, plot and storylines, which have influenced a generation of high-schoolers and has brought out the true picture of their realities.

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The vanilla-flavored movie genre of high school had its chocolate hot sauce in “Breakfast Club”. The submerged angst of a generation was beautifully captured in this simple, one-location movie. It smelled of anger, frustration, and desperation but was fragrant of the high hopes, confidence and maturity. When different individuals are placed in an alien atmosphere, the end results can be spectacular or horrible. Similarly, when teenagers from different background and upbringing are placed in a high school environment, sparks fly in all directions. Teenagers have this particular habit of rejecting anything or anyone who contradicts their self-image. This is shown in this movie too, where initially the group of five, in an isolated library, are not even curious about each other. However, as the day grows long, they are start communicating, and discover each other’s’ stories and family pressures. This is parallel to millions of real life high-school kids, who every day go through that experience of isolation and impending communication with a bunch of unknown people. In the process, they grow. We live in a society, where its easy to brand and categorize people. Like in the movie, the principal of Shermer High School, Richard Vernon, categorizes the five detained students as “athlete” “criminal” etc. as shown in the above picture of the movie, Breakfast Club (1985) However, as the movie progresses, every individual shows a different trait than the image built in the beginning. This branding by parents and teacher alike in high school, in many ways can be unhealthy for a teenager’s confidence and should be avoided by all means.


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