Consumer Behavior Assessment Item 1

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Word Count

2000 words


Market Research


6 Days

Assignment Criteria

Activity 1 – What are your philosophical assumptions about consumer behaviour?

Activity 2 – What types of decisions do you make?

Activity 3 – How do you respond when dissatisfied?

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Assignment Solution


The companies are interested to know the motives and process of what and how consumers purchase. This consumer behaviour helps the company to design a marketing mix. (Solomon, Bennett, & Previte, 2012) have categorised the three phases of Consumer Behaviour process as Prepurchase, Purchase and Postpurchase activities.  

The first activity is about 'Philosophical assumption' and it is about the marketing strategy that a company adopts on the basis of their opinions of the consumer. This helps the company to provide the adequate stimuli for the consumer to respond in a favourable manner. The second activity is to categorise the Buying behaviour into Habitual, Limited and extended problem-solving. 

The Consumer Behaviour that I have selected is 'Choosing a Restaurant'. I have categorised this as 'Extended problem Solving' for a special occasion. This situation necessitates for high involvement as socially the person is important to me. The last activity is about 'Post purchase Behaviour' how the consumers use, dispose and provide feedback.  (Blackwell R. E., 1994) & (Howard J. &., 1969) explains the stages that a consumer goes through during the Consumer Buying Process. 

Worksheet 1 – Philosophical assumptions

Activity 1 – What are your philosophical assumptions about consumer behaviour?

Part A – Knowledge

  • Fill in the table below by circling the view that best reflects your opinion


Which view was dominant?  

    1. How many As did you have?  3
  • How many Bs did you have?  2

In my opinion from the bipolar scale above, I have chosen 

Freedom because I am under the internal motivation to make decisions

Nature because I am influenced by environmental external forces

Uniqueness because I like to believe that I am a unique consumer

Reactive because I like to respond to stimuli 

Variation because I like to prefer brands based on the variety provided by the company. 

In groups of three (see if you can include one person with an opposite dominant view), introduce yourself and discuss why you have different results. Provide a summary here.

We made a group of three of which two people were from the 'HIGHLY INFLUENCED'. The other two group members are working in the Marketing Department; therefore they feel that 'Marketing stimuli' can influence the needs of the consumers to a greater extent with the help of. My dominant view is more inclined towards 'ACTING ON FREE WILL'. I am in the Service department, therefore, I feel that consumers are Unique and liberated to make their choices. The companies with the help of controlled variables can influence the consumers to make their choices based on the product need, importance and time for a decision.

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