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Customer Service Study Provided By Qatar Airways In UAE

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Assessment Type


Word Count

2500-3500 words


Business Research


7 Days

Assignment Criteria

Overall, you are required to create a proposal for a research project aimed at a business related problem or opportunity. The two components of this proposal are related but separately assessed:

  • Firstly, you must prepare a Literature Review and Evidence Review on that research proposal, fully referenced. 
  • Secondly, you are required to design a Business Research Proposal aimed at a business-related problem or opportunity

As explained above there are two integrated parts to this assessment:

  • Component 1 – the Literature Evidence Review


  • Component 2 – the Research Design Proposal

The topic forming the basis of the research proposal needs to be established in the first three weeks dating from the start of the teaching of the module. Permission to continue will be dependent upon lecturer approval of that topic, shown by the signing of a proforma. Any subsequent changes to that must be approved and signed by the lecturer also. 

It has to be stressed that the choice of topic and the proposal is undertaken on an INDIVIDUAL basis.

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Assignment Solution

3.0 Introduction:

In this part of the paper, the researcher has tried to make use of research methodology in order to analyse the effect of customer service offered by Qatar Airways in the region of UAE. To do so, an organised procedure comprising of varied types of designs, as well as approaches, are introduced. The present research is aimed to identify different customer service facilities for   Qatar airways. The main objective of this research is as follows:

  • To analyse the customer service approaches followed by the UAE airlines industry
  • To identify the current customer service applications implemented by Qatar Airways
  • To evaluate the effectiveness of the practising good customer service activities in the Qatar Airways
  • To recommend suitable alternatives to improve the customer service facilities practised by Qatar Airways, UAE

Questions of this research are as follows:

  • What are the customer service approaches, followed by the UAE airline industry?
  • What are the current customer service applications implemented by Qatar Airways?
  • How the practice of good customer service activities creates an impact on the customer of Qatar Airways?
  • What are the best suitable alternatives to improve the customer service programmes of Qatar Airways, UAE?

Therefore, in order to conduct this research, the following effective research methodologies are very important.

For the evaluation of the customer services of the Qatar airways, it is very much important to follow the positivism philosophy. Along with that, the deductive research approach and exploratory research design are also followed by the researcher for the effective conduction of the research. The researcher mainly collects both the secondary and primary data for the conduction of research. This research is conducted by following the case study research strategy so that a brief and clear knowledge regarding the Qatar airlines can be obtained.

3.1 Research Proposition:

The term research proposition plays an essential role in a research methodology. Since it offers the purpose of implementing the exact research techniques as per study so as to attain accurate results. After understanding the facets in an efficient way, the positivism philosophy is taken into consideration. In addition to this, the deductive approach and descriptive design are considered as the most efficient one. In this regard, Jensen (2013) determined that proposition is recognised as the keystone of the research in order to make it effective in all aspects.  Contrary to this, it is depicted that failure to introduce such types of research methods might prove extremely troublesome for the beneficiary to the upcoming age. Due to this, the exploratory design is used so as to examine the objectives of the study in an efficient manner. But it is argued by Flick (2015) that exploratory design does not offer the ability to calculate the original results from manipulated figures.  

3.2 Research Philosophy:

As per the ideas of the Jensen (2013) philosophy helps in assessing the actual meaning of the research study by utilising the paradigm in a proficient way.  But, among four philosophies named as positivism, interpretivism, realism and pragmatism, the most appropriate one is considered. In order to examine that, the objective needs to be understood accurately. Since the matter tries to shed light over the position of Qatar airways by the implementation of structured customer services. In this study, positivism philosophy would be the apt one as it would explore the subject in a descriptive way. Against the latter statement, Panneerselvam (2014) described that interpretivism philosophy would not prove advantageous, since it is entirely based on human emotions and understanding.  But, it is not required in case of the given research paper as it attempts to examine the aspects with the assistance of qualitative and quantitative facts. On the other hand, realism is mainly selected in case of exploration of varied types of inventive facts and figures. So, it would not prove beneficial for the current assignment as it is based on the characteristics of customer services of Qatar of UAE. Hence, positivism philosophy would be the most appropriate one.

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