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Diversification Of Googolplex Organization

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Case Study

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Write a A Case Study on Diversification of Googolplex Organization

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Assignment Solution

Section A: (Student's Profile)


This is an era of globalization. Countries have opened up their trading systems. Thus, more companies get a chance to run and earn. The market is no longer 'autocratic' by nature since several organizations compete in delivering similar kind of products. Here, apart from quality products and price structure, 'customer satisfaction' is what the companies need to focus on. Liberalizing the economy implies that the market is more or less competitive in nature, thus satisfying the customers has become no less than a marketing strategy (Atalik & Arslan, 2009).

The study takes up the Googolplex organization, a giant firm that began to operate from the 1990s and is now one of the largest international companies. Operating in a highly competitive market scenario, the successful continuation of Googolplex organization is largely dependent on 'customer-oriented' strategies by the corporation. At a time when its rivals offer more attractive packages, IT innovations, and better Internet services, Googolplex organization must work on to understand and meet the customers' demands. The dynamism of customers' tastes must be identified. There is a shift in their tastes and preference. By offering coffee and internet access, customers no longer appear as their expectations have risen. And with several options in the 'internet café' industry, there is a high chance that Googolplex organization will easily lose on customers (Anderson & Mittal, 2000). The study evaluates the current scenario of the organization and attempts to propose a diversification in its business strategy. The research is an investigation into the customers' expectations from Googolplex, thereby understanding what else can be done to hold on to the potential customers.

Section B: Research Background

This section aids in understanding the primary research problem the study is all about. It borrows concepts and ideas from authentic published journals and scholarly article to understand the role of customer satisfaction as a marketing strategy. Based on this understanding, the theoretical framework is built. A thorough review of the literature helps a researcher to identify which variables can be considered to depict the relationship. Then there is the building of Hypothesis followed by data analysis in the main section of Methodology.

The more competitive a market becomes, the more important the customer is. With a wide range of companies offering similar kind of products like internet cafes and innovative customer-oriented services, firms often find it tougher to compete. Thus, market competition is a factor that helps the customers rule dominatingly (Stefanou, Sarmaniotis, & Stafyla, 2003). The same goes for Googolplex. The company which was once highly dominating has to struggle for its share now.

Martenson, (2007) stated that there exists an emotional context in customer satisfaction. This comes with the patience of the service providers or their willingness to help to clear customers' queries. For example, if the employees at a particular company are seen paying special interest towards the aged or acting 'responsible' for the kids, this automatically creates an emotional trust among the customers. Googolplex can think of uncommon good strategies like presenting video games for the kids and soft music or simply reading books for the oldies.

Johnson, et al., (2001) identified two main concepts of customer satisfaction – the transaction specific and overall satisfaction. Transaction specific refers to the customers' satisfaction with respect to a specific purchase and transaction. Here the customers don't think about the company's background or its history. Whether it has consistently done fair in providing quality products or is not that reliable, are not thought of while purchasing the services. Overall customer satisfaction means that the customers consider everything while deciding if he or she is satisfied with the company or not. Points like company history, reliability over the past years and the quality of the last purchase are all taken account of while making the decisions. Customers at Googolplex are basically transaction specific. The degree of satisfaction they receive at the parlour defines their satisfaction. Potential customers are very few except those who have been with the coffee shop for a long time. They are mainly the elderly people who don't seek variety or innovation at coffee parlours.

Customer's satisfaction is well demonstrated by the 'circle of satisfaction'. It starts with customers and ends with the 'reviews of satisfaction'. It should be noted that customer satisfaction is the desired outcome while several determinants play their roles to determine the outcome. Employee engagement is one such determinant. Customers are satisfied only when a company owns 'loyal' and 'deserving' employees. The executive board and the managers are the 'backstage' mentors. It is an employee who performs on the field. Thus, the willingness of the employees to deliver quality services and understand the demands of the customers is important. Now to have a set of loyal customers or to continue in employee-retention, the company must engage in training and development, proper coaching, good leadership, guaranteeing employee protection and safety and safeguarding employee's interests (Chi & Gursoy, 2009). Walker, et al., (2006) identified the concept of Service Profit Chain, which relates employee satisfaction to employee engagement that further determines customer satisfaction. Satisfied customers further help in company's profit and growth.

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