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Diversity In The Workplace

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Word Count

2500 words


Organizational Behavior


2 Days

Assignment Criteria

You are to research and prepare an academic essay on one of the following topic statements: 

  1. 'Is diversity in the workplace optional? What are its benefits? What are its challenges?' 


  1. 'What do we mean by a 'learning organisation'? How can managers create one? Was there a time when organisations didn't learn? '

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Assignment Solution


This essay is a critical evaluation of organization behaviour and throws light on Diversity in the workplace. It also highlights the pros and cons of having a diverse workforce, apart from explaining the meaning of what Diversity means in its true essence.

The views expressed in this essay are subject to personal opinions and research. While professionals may have varied opinions on how Diversity impacts the professional setup in an organization, there is no denying the fact that it certainly does have a great impact on the same.

Diversity in the workplace

Diversity at the workplace implies creating a working environment that is inclusive and is open to accepting individuals from varied ethnical backgrounds (Darby 2015). The environment should be such that it accepts individuals with their specific strengths, beliefs and differences and also gives an equal opportunity to all employees, to attain what they are capable of. 

Valuing employees for their unique identities encourages them to contribute their own expertise and experiences for the betterment of the organization (Zieba 2014). This has an overall positive impact on the functioning of the company and also helps relationships with customers as well as other stakeholders. Diversity at the workplace also ensures the recruitment of top talent since the procedure is devoid of any biases (Christensen 2015). Companies aiming to expand in the future are constantly aiming at ensuring the Diversity of employees by recruiting only on the basis of merit so that they can increase profitability.  

Advantages of Diversity in the Workplace

In today's era of advancing technology, the world has become easier to reach. Vendors, customers and employees can be tracked or contacted within seconds through devices such as smartphones and other devices, at any hour of the day. Since businesses are in constant expansion mode, it is becoming more and more important for companies to become global and operate in a diverse marketplace. (Strizhakova 2012)

Even if companies are not operating on a grand scale, the chances are that the demographics concerning their particular line of business are rapidly changing. This is why it is becoming extremely important for companies to be able to boast of a diverse staff contributing to their business. Recruitment and retention of employees with varied backgrounds give an organization a better insight into the global marketplace and also brings fresh ideas to the table (Tortoriello 2014). In order to gain more profitability in an increasingly competitive and globalized marketplace, companies are aiming at projecting themselves in accordance with the communities around them. If a firm has employees belonging to a confined ideology, it becomes difficult to gain an overall view of the experiences and views of the global marketplace.

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