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Assessment Type

Research Plan

Word Count

5000 words


IT Research Plan


7 Days

Assignment Criteria

Research Project Methodology: You need to write a research project methodology to conduct a study for your article. 

Use the title of your research project as the title of your assignment, so that the subject  coordinator/teaching staff knows which study you are doing. 

Your research plan should address in great detail the following areas about your chosen or proposed research study or research topic

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Assignment Solution

1. Introduction

The internet of things (IoT) paradigm has come into existence using intelligent self-configuring nodes. These nodes are interconnected, forming dynamic and global network infrastructure. The tiny elements are widely distributed. Limited storage and processing capacity are the shortcomings of these devices. The reliability, performance, privacy and security have to be taken care. IoT (Atzori, Iera, & Morabito, 2010) (Bassi & Horn, 2008) is a convergence of sensor nodes with the internet. These devices aid in pervasive presence around people of things. They aid in measurement, inferring, comprehending and altering the environment. Many devices and communication technologies work in the background to bring this technology into reality. The interaction between these objects accomplishes the common goal. Radiofrequency identification (RIFD) systems (Evangelos A, Nikolaos D, & Anthony C, 2011) (Yan, Zhang, Yang, & Ning, 2008) play a major role in these nodes. They provide automatic identification to the devices and aid in the integration of the network. They are associated with digital information and services. An appropriate signal is generated by the reader triggering tag information. The tags are passive in nature, and some are powered by batteries.

Cloud computing (Aceto, Botta, Donato, & W., 2013) (Armbust, et al., 2010) has adverse capabilities.  Enormous processing power and storage are its advantages. The technology has enabled ubiquitous, on-demand access to the network. They are provisioned with minimal management effort. These two complementary technologies are combined to give rise to CloudIoT (Alamri, et al., 2013) (Antonic, Roankovic, Marjanovic, Pripuic, & Zarko, 2014). IoT can get benefited by cloud – unlimited storage, processing and communication. Cloud can be benefited by extending its working in a real-life scenario. They are distributed and dynamic in nature. The information gathering, processing and transmission enable new challenges.

Future readings narrate the research work done by different authors. The researchers have implemented collaborated technology into different applications. The employed applications ease the human effort. Monitoring, tracking and maintenance are the primary objectives of the technology. The authors  (Soliman M. , Abiodun, Hamouda, Zhou, & Lung, 2013) in their work have employed the technology in Home appliances. The work is mainly employed to track, monitor, control and maintain home appliances. Using the technology, the user will have control over the appliances. RFID technology (Welbourne, et al., 2009) is used in work to provide unique identification to the devices. The work has aided users to benefit from the technology.

Smart city environment  (Mitton, Papavassiliou, Puliafito, & Trivedi, 2012) is designed to share information among the users. The sensors are used to sense and obtain information. Local servers are used in work to gather information from various autonomous devices. The study also supports a distributed server model. Using Cloud computing and IoT the information is shared among the users. 

Intelligent parking cloud service model is proposed by the authors  (He, Yan, & Xu, 2014). The connection with the vehicles is established from the entry of the vehicles. The system takes care of tracking of the vehicle. The study takes care of allotting empty slots to the vehicles and detects any misparking.  

Speed, quality, low cost, best service, clean environment, good flexibility and high knowledge are the main objectives of CloudIoT in manufacturing service system  (Tao, Ying Cheng, Zhang, & Li, 2014). The work aims to fulfil the requirements, considering the objectives of the study. Cloud computing technology and IoT are brought in together to benefit the service system. 

2. Research Methodology

Many authors (Da Xu, He, & Li, 2014) (Doukas & Maglogiannis, 2012) (Sun, Zhang, & Li, 2012) (Bo & Wang, 2011) (Bi, Da Xu, & Wang, 2014) (Soliman, Abiodun, Hamouda, Zhou, & Lung, 2013) have made a wide study on the technology. Using pre-defined knowledge, the authors have explored different areas. These knowledge hubs have aided in bringing new horizons. I surveyed, studied and comprehended many papers to understand the working of CloudIoT. 

Research question: 

  • To study the advent of CloudIoT in real-time systems. 
  • Different measures adopted to address the problems.
  • Collaborate the technology to enable the smart environment.
  • Analyzing the benefits of using the designed system.
  • Challenges of the new proposed system.

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