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Word Count

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Knowledge Management


3 Days

Assignment Criteria

  1. Describe the important nature of knowledge management in authors research. 3 marks
  2. Describe the framework and the functioning of business processes and outcomes proposed by the authors in Figure 1. 6 marks
  3. Do you believe the authors have covered important elements of doing KM in their research.  6 marks

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Assignment Solution

1. Describe the important nature of knowledge management in the author's research. 

Knowledge management (KM) is the most common function that is being practiced in all the humanitarian organizations. As per Firestone & McElroy, (2005), the question has come up to distinguish between the facts that whether KM specialists are 'doing KM' or 'practicing KM' with the help of the technological tools like CRM, IT, social network tool, storytelling and etc. Regarding the nature of the KM, the following points have been highlighted by the author. They are as follows:

KM behave like a formally planned attempt in the organizational context regarding the generation of the strong knowledge base, sharing and transferring the knowledge base among the organization (Collins, 2003).

KM also behaves as a tool of 'manage knowledge' with the additional supporting tools like data warehousing, business intelligence, OLAP (Online analytical processing), e – conference applications, e-learning applications, yellow pages etc. 

The connotation of the idea regarding the 'KM intervention 'with the help of any above tools will result into the 'theoretical gist' of the purpose of KM as it creates confusion regarding the KM performance. KM intervention always should be compared with the alternative KM interventions as the framework of KM differs from person to person.

After the development of the KM intervention, the community practices (CoPs) became the dominating factor all around followed by storytelling to encourage the workers to share the knowledge all around the organization.

Another important technique is the knowledge café where a small group of workers is organizing a group discussion and sharing the knowledge from the output of the discussion.

KM intervention will introduce either some of the social tools or IT tools or mixture of both. 

Another most important KM intervention is the usage of the knowledge portals or knowledge portals. In terms of information achievement, portal applications do not support the target knowledge with the proper relevancy. It enhances the capability for knowledge claims as viewed by the intervention of the KM aspects (Bickhard, 2000).

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