Family Diversity And Social Care In Chronic Illness

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Describe and analyze the concept of family strengths and family diversity in contemporary society?

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Family support is one of the most important attributes that help a person to overcome clinical exigencies especially in case of chronic illnesses (Barnes & Rowe 2007). As a visiting social worker, I came across various situations, which helped to understand the role played by diverse family structures in such situations. Family diversity refers to the status of the nuclear family, extended family, single parent family and reconstituted family. The advantage of living in a family structure or practising within a family structure helps us to understand the inside knowledge and dynamic of a family with competing ideas related to family life in our society (Woodward & Fergusson 2001). 

On the other hand, the experiential knowledge gained from one family cannot be applied to another family, under similar situations and provides a misconception that other people's experiences and feelings would be same (Barnes & Rowe, 2007). This is just not a deviation from the contemporary family life of a person but perhaps may have been driven by past incidences where society or financial issues played a critical role in influencing family behaviour. I would reflect upon two incidences that will help to understand family dynamics while rendering care in clinical and in-house settings. 

Artefact Presentation

Reflection on Family Strengths 

The artefact represents that children become often prone to depressive disorders like attention deficit hyperactivity disorders and other forms of anxiety due to the socio-economic conditions prevailing within a family (Woodward and Fergusson 2001). A child is impacted by parental relationship constraints, competition and issues like bullying. The family needs to support such individual in overcoming such constraints, more than a health care provider (Scott, Knapp, and Henderson 2001). Since, it is one's family who is completely aware regarding the likes and dislikes of an individual of the family in special situations (Weissman, Wolk and Goldstein, 1999). Whether it is a nuclear family or an extended family, each member should complement each other. 

Strength of Togetherness

From the above artefact and review of the literature, it becomes evident that a family structure, even though diversity helps to combat crisis situations. The concept of family itself adds various strengths to the social well-being of an individual. 

One such strength is togetherness.  Togetherness represents the available teamwork present within a family structure. The more extended is the family; more is the social, moral, psychological and economic support available to a member of a family (Heatherton, Mahamedi , Striepe 1997). Togetherness helps in coping from various kinds of stress and is a very essential buffer to each and every individual of the family, starting from children to elder members (Barnes & Rowe 2007).

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