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Why sets us apart from other assignment-writing services?

At ExpertAssignmentHelp, we take each assignment very seriously. Our team of subject matter experts (SMEs) assure academic credibility, high quality, and timely delivery of assignments. We also believe in staying connected with our clients for feedback and follow up on each submission. You can be rest assured that the quality delivered by our team comfortably surpasses the expected quality of assignments.
Here are some of the features that sets us apart from other similar platforms
• Our growing team of Subject matter experts are engaged round the clock, hence the assignment work goes on 24×7.
• To give you extra assurance of our quality, we give a FREE Grammarly report with your assignments.
• When possible, our team always tries to send your assignment prior to the deadline, which provides you with more time to understand and review the work done.
• We have a unique process of sending you an initial Free AUB (Assignment Understanding Brief), which documents our expert’s understanding of your assignment. This is for expectation matching between client and subject matter experts.
• The unique blend of affordable pricing coupled with quality assignments has emerged as our best Ultimate-Selling-Point (USP) in this industry sector.
• We also offer a 10% lifetime discount on all subsequent orders other than the first order with EAH.

Can I ask for edits/revisions? Are there any extra charges?

All the rework requests we received after the assignment delivery is free of cost. We understand that the student/client might have different expectations from the paper and we’re happy to accommodate it.
Although, we do prefer if you define the scope and extent of the revisions before placing the order with Expert Assignment Help. Any major rework will be considered as a change request and would attract additional charges depending upon the basic pricing criterion as explained above.
Helping the student/professional is the topmost priority of our Customer Relationship model. The more detailed is your feedback or change request the faster and more accurate your response will be our response. All responses are addressed within a maximum time interval of 24 hours. In case it is urgent, or the deadline is close, it is handled on a high priority basis. You can check out our client testimonials as well, to know what they had to say about our service.

When can I get my assignment order ready?

Our team takes about 30 minutes to analyse each order and send out the quote to the client. Completing the assignment takes somewhere between 12 hours to 10 days’ time depending upon the type of work, no of words and the subject involved. It might also depend upon the availability of the expert in the peak season.
But our robust system makes sure that all assignments can be executed within a duration of 48 hours with the help of a team rather than a single expert. In such cases, the rate per page will be higher than usual, but we deliver on our promises, nevertheless. This service has been a life saver for many of our clients who knock our door at the last moment. However, we do not promote such orders as you lose both money and peace of mind till the time you have it in your hand.

Is the solution free from plagiarism?

Yes, all our assignment deliveries are plagiarism-free and completely credible. We even provide a free Grammarly report to clients, giving you proof of the same!

What are the different pricing plans you offer?

Here are some factors that determine the price quoted for each assignment:
• Difficulty level of the assignment
• Subjects involved
• Deadline of the assignment
• No of words of the assignment
• Type of the assignment document, for example a report/essay/thesis/dissertation etc.
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To know more, please check out our pricing section.

Do I need PayPal to make payment?

Yes, PayPal is our payment partner and we prefer all our payments via PayPal. Don’t worry though, it is very easy to create a new account on PayPal and sign in!

How can I pay for my order?

Once you receive the quote from us, please go to our PAYNOW section of our website. You can make the payment using your credit card or debit card through the secure PayPal payment gateway. Here’s how you do it
Step1: Go to or go to and click on “PAY NOW” button on the top main menu. You’ll be redirected to the secure PayPal gateway.
Step2: Click on Buy Now for the currency in which the quote has been sent to you over e-mail.
Step3: You will now be on an auto generated PayPal invoice page. Please write your QUOTE ESTIMATE NUMBER in the description box, enter the quoted price in the field “Item Price” and click on Update.
Step4: If you already have a PayPal account sign-in using the same credentials on the right side of the page, else just click on “Don’t have PayPal” at the right bottom side of the page.
Step5: After the credit/debit card details and the personal information have been updated in the secure PayPal portal click on “Review and Continue” button.
Step6: Once submitted the transaction reference number will be displayed on the screen. Do send us the same by e-mail.
Step7: Once the payment has been made successfully, we receive the payment with a reference to your e-mail id and we communicate the same to you by e-mail.
And be rest assured that these payments are absolutely safe and secure. We don’t store any bank details/credit card information/personal information of our clients

How can I pay for my order?

We put in a lot of time and effort to deliver each assignment. Our SMEs have to invest a lot of their mental faculties and resources to prepare each assignment to perfection. And because of this, we are not in a position to refund that under any circumstances.
However, this doesn’t mean we don’t understand your concerns. Our SMEs will do everything to sort out the issues that you might have with the assignment. We understand how important the submission is for students and we’re willing to edit/accommodate changes until you are satisfied with the final document.
Note, that the refund policy is valid only if we are not able to meet our deliverables mentioned to you initially. We return your money through PayPal. This decision is made by the dispute resolution team of after a thorough analysis of your assignment. The decision taken by the dispute resolution team will be final. For more details on our refund policy, click here.

Are there any discounts for regular clients?

Yes of course, we show our appreciation for regular customers by offering a FLAT 10% Lifetime Discount! At Expert Assignment Help, we love building long-term connections with our clients. The Lifetime Discount is applicable from the second assignment order with us. Please use the same email id to order the subsequent assignment orders. For all the current discounts please visit our Special discount section

Can I pay partial money upfront?

Yes, some clients prefer to pay some of the amount as advance and then complete the payment once they get the complete assignment.

How will I get the solution?

We usually send the solution to our clients via email. However, we can also send you the assignment order on WhatsApp. Ensure that you give us the correct contact details for on-time proper delivery.

How long does it take to process the payment?

Well, if you choose to pay via your PayPal account then the money transfer happens within seconds. For bank transfer, you might have to wait a while. There may also be delays because of national holidays. But be rest assured that we will send you a payment confirmation message as soon as we receive the payment.

How can I apply for a refund?

Customer satisfaction is our top-most priority and we are extremely sorry if you feel the need to ask for a refund. You can drop in a mail, explaining the details of the assignment and why you need your money back. Although we don’t usually cancel articles and give refunds, we do set up a thorough review of the case with our Dispute resolution committee. If the reason is valid and there is a genuine lapse or error from our part, you will get a refund on your PayPal account.

Can I request for SMEs from a specific geographical location? Also, do you accommodate the given documents/references in the paper?

ure you can! Students/clients are free to make such requests for niche assignments. In such cases, we first have to check without local SMEs. If they are available to take up the project, we’re good to go.
However, if they are busy, we have a bunch of alternatives in the global pool of experts, that we can reach out to. At the request of the student/professional we do use only regional document sources as references. We also ensure that these references are integrated in a relevant way with the regional context as required by the marking criteria of the assignment.

What is the mid-review policy at Expert Assignment Help?

The basic aim of the mid-review policy is to avoid last minute reworks/panics. It also improves the quality of assignment and ensures that the final draft meets the expectation of the professor/tutor of the client.
As per the mid review policy, we send a half made assignment to the client. You can show this to the respective professor or even cross check for plagiarism yourself. This is also the part where you suggest if any changes are needed.
We will take the feedback from the client and incorporate the same to complete the remaining assignment. This ensures that we deliver 100% quality to our clients and meet their expectations head-on. It is to be noted that tight deadline assignments may not be able to enjoy the benefit of mid review policy.

Can I request for rework? How should I go about it?

Our rework policy at Expert Assignment Help gives clients a chance to suggest changes and rectify the assignment for free. Read on to know more about the process for assignment rework.
1. To avoid any confusion among the orders placed with us, please mention the order reference code at the top of the body of the mail sent to us for rework.
2. To be able to review your paper based on your comments, we must have a clear picture of what needs to be reworked. Please send us a bullet point list of rework details which needs to be carried out.
3. In case the rework details are within the scope of initial assignment instructions shared at the time of placing the order, we will carry them out within 24 hours of receipt of the rework request.
4. However, if the revisions are outside the scope of initial assignment instructions, an extra fee might be required, and the time needed to deliver it back is likely to increase. We will send a fresh quote to you for the same in such cases.
5. Rework requests will be taken if the client requests rework within 2 days from the time of delivery (applicable to both mid reviews and final assignment draft) to you. We request you to check your inbox at the specified deadlines.
6. The decision of the Expert Assignment Help administrator will be final in case of any dispute.
7. Additional documents sent after the payment is made are subject to the discretion of Expert Assignment Help for acceptance for the same order. As the expert cannot be blamed for not incorporating the inputs not shared at the time of payment so incorporating additional documents into the assignment might lead to a fresh paid rework order.

How can I reach out to you for more questions?

ExpertAssignmentHelp’s Customer Care Team can be reached through any of the following channels:
• E-mail:
• By Chat: Live Chat from the website
• Phone: +61-284172057
• Whatsapp Chat: +61-420583050
• Facebook Chat:
Have more doubts or clarifications? Drop in an email at or use our live chat option.

I want to join your team as a SME/tutor or sales partner. Whom do I approach?

We are always on the lookout for brilliance and excellence. Mail us your resume at along with a few sample assignments. After a stepwise selection process, you might be enrolled in the team if you are lucky. We will get back to you soon after that.

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